Watch the wild elephants rolling in mud at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

Not only Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary maintained high levels of elephant care but it also provides a splendid shelter for these mammals. First opened its door in 1989, the Elephant Relocation Team that began its operation since 1974 relocated to this new sanctuary.

The only elephant sanctuary in Malaysia

Since this is the only elephant sanctuary in the country, animal lovers can expect proper shelter to house the endangered mammals. In the last 25 years, the team has successfully relocated over 300 wild elephants to ensure that the mammals are protected and safe. It is indeed an arduous task to increase awareness of elephant’s plight among Malaysians to offer support into elephant conservation and translocation.

Great place to learn of the gentle giants

And since the sanctuary is dedicated to provide a better shelter to house these elephants, families with children or schools should definitely plan a trip for the kids to learn more about the importance of habitat and environmental preservation from the experts here. What are the activities available here? Visitors can ride, feed and bath the wild elephants all at once! Kuala Gandah is easily accessible by road since it is located approximately 200 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur via Karak Highway.

Get close to the elephants

The Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary in Pahang is one of the most unique tourist attractions in Malaysia because this is where you will have the chance to get up, close and personal with the Malaysian elephants.

Do not miss the chance

This rare opportunity does not come often as you will normally be able to visit elephants only in zoos where they are barricaded away. Opened throughout the year except for the first day of Hari Raya, the center is built and created to help protect the endangered Malaysian Elephants species.

You will be able to learn more about how the elephants live and survive at this sanctuary which is designed as close to its natural habitat as possible. You will be able to enjoy the company of the elephants as they take you for a ride with the guide of a mahout (elephant guide). If you like, you can also spend more quality time with the elephants by taking down for a bath down the river.

More about the giants

The gentle giants which is known as the Elphus Maxumus is an endangered species with a reported number of about 1,200 wild ones left in Malaysia. Hence this is one of the only conservation places around for you to play your part in ensuring its survival. As the name of the center suggests, it is naturally an elephant orphanage sanctuary where the elephants are rescued from all over the Peninsular Malaysia who face the danger of extinction or being hunt down. This is where they are given a safe place to survive and to live naturally.

Around its natural habitat

Located around the Krau Game Reserve, it was part of an initiative put up by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in 1989 under the Elephant Capture and Translocation Unit (ECTU). Here, there is a Teris River which borders the sanctuary with the Che’Wong Orang Asli village. The ECTU is still very much involved with their efforts in light of the massive deforestation that took place in recent years although such acts have since been banned.

Getting to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

To get here, you will need to take a drive from Kuala Lumput to Lancang District via the Karak Highway which will take about 2 to 2.5 hours and turn left before you approach the BhP petrol station. There are road signs which will ead you to Bolok where you will pass by and Orang Asli settlement and before long you will see the Sancturary.


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