National Museum

National Museum

The National Museum of Malaysia is known as Muzium Negara to the locals. It is one of the important landmarks of the historical trail of Kuala Lumpur where visitors must visit this place to get a grasp of the important heritage and traditions of the country.

Building of Malaysian history

Located along Jalan Damansara in the city centre, it is within a stone’s throw away from the KL Sentral, the main transportation hub of the capital.

History of Muzium Negara

Muzium Negara was established in 1963 where it is the place to go if you are looking to learn about the history of Malaysia and its rich culture among the people. The design of the building is very unique which is base on the Rumah Gadang style of the Minangkabau community. This is the type of traditional homes by the Minangkabau people which has been beautifully adopted by the Museum.

The Minangkabau homes are very unique which gives a very rustic and ‘kampong’ outlook. It is one of the prevailing culture which is known to be popular in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

What to see at Muzium Negara

There are 4 main galleries within the museum which showcase ethnology and natural history of Malaysia. As such, it is very common for one to be able to view the many artifacts, memorabilia, items and mementos that include ceramics, arts and crafts, musical instruments, traditional weapons and cultural elements like festivals and costumes of the diverse culture or the Malaysian people here.

Occasionally, Muzium Negara will host ad-hoc exhibition to offer more options for its visitors. This is usually done in conjunction with national events like National Day, Malaysia Day and others.


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