Traveling with kids on long journeys

It is true that a child changes everything. Traveling with your kids around will never be the same again. In fact, it can be tricky to keep your child quiet particularly when you are embarking on a long journey. Hence, remember to keep a wide array of toys in the car to ensure that your toddlers sit still and play with it.

However, if you are traveling on airplane, it is best to carry a travel pack that contains drawing block and crayons or stickers to encourage them to sit quietly without disturbing other passengers on board. If you are traveling with infants, bring additional nappies, baby milk and food. A reminder for first time parents, bring healthy snacks on every journey. Avoid food that has high sugar content, chocolate or caffeine as it may create pandemonium. In short, sugar and kids indicate behaviour problems.

Family Bonding Time

Conducted correctly, traveling on long journeys with kids can be rewarding as it allows parents to build the bond in your relationship. This is the best time to bring out the best in your child by playing plenty of travel games instead of just asking them to sit quietly without doing any thing. Here are some suggestions of fun games to get connected with your kids – question game, name game, alphabet game, city alphabet and the quiet game.

Question game starts with a question from one of the players. Subsequently, the second player must respond with another question and stops when one of the players respond with a statement. Meanwhile, name game is suitable for older kids as it requires knowledge in particular field. It can be celebrities or cartoon character. The game begins with a player naming a particular celebrity or cartoon figure. Then, the second player must continue the game by giving an answer with the first alphabet from the previous answer’s last name. For example : Dora the Explorer, Elmer Fudd, Fantastic Four and so on.

Get creative with games

Alphabet game is an educational game that concentrates on alphabets as the core of the game. In city alphabet game, player starts the game by naming a particular town or city. Then, second player must respond by naming a town or city that begins with the last letter of the previous answer given. Quiet game is the easiest game to be played as it only requires the players to sit still as long as possible without making a noise. Other than the games suggested above, you can also purchase the travel games specifically designed to entertain kids on the journey.

Other matters you need to consider is to ensure that your child is comfortable during the journey. If you are driving to particular destination, stuff the backseat of the car with wide selection of pillows in the shape of animals, blankets, sleeping bags and other soft and comfy things to encourage them to relax during the journey.


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