Stay in the forest of tranquility and peace: Matang Mangrove Forest

It’s the ultimate peace and tranquillity. It’s the closest you can come to natural wilderness in the state of Perak.

Matang Mangrove Forest the perfect peaceful getaway

Aimed at providing you the perfect sanctuary, Matang Mangrove Forest is an ideal eco-tourism destination for avid nature lovers. Spread over 40,000 hectares of land, the dense forest is by far the largest mangrove forest reserve in Peninsular.

Bakau Kurap and Bakau Minyak found here

This is a world-renowned sustainable mangrove eco-system that has attracted large number of visitors to the country in the last decade. The diversity and abundance of wildlife creatures can roam freely around their natural habitat here. This forest consists mainly Bakau Kurap and Bakau Minyak species.

Educational for nature lovers

Besides avid nature lovers, Matang welcomes students and those who are interested in learning more about the nature especially the mangrove swamps and notorious wildlife creatures. Just a little tip for first time visitors – get a pair of binoculars to ensure that you can observe and catch a glimpse of animals such as birds and the primate species found in Southeast Asia, long-tailed Macaques in the deep swamps. Since you are already here in Matang, why not catch a boat ride down the calm river at night to see the many fireflies in the area? Perhaps, you can arrange guided tour with Perak Forestry Department if you are interested in ecological tour.

Different bird species

Located in the northern part of the ecosystem, Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit pit stop for avid nature lovers because there are plenty of migratory birds found in this wetland swamp such as:

  1. Bee-Eaters
  2. Egrets
  3. Kingfishers
  4. Woodpeckers
  5. Milky Stork


It has been reported that more than 50 species of birds will stop by here during the migration season that falls between August and April annually. It is best to hire a boat that costs about RM200 per day if you are really into bird watching or fishing. If you think the boat trip is expensive, then perhaps a visit to the informative visitor centre is more than enough because you can join education program that teaches you about the importance of preserving mangrove ecosystems and anything that you need to know about the migratory bird species.

Head to Krian District Mangrove Swamp

Nature lovers who are looking for yet another mangrove swamp area in Perak, look no further because the largest swamp is just around the corner – Krian District Mangrove Swamp. Perfect for bird watching sessions, this swampy area is the breeding ground and survival sanctuary for an abundance of bird species. Visitors can definitely spot the Burung Kuang species in the area as the birds make their nest on the lower branches of the living plants. Meanwhile, the world’s most scenic mangrove swamp is located right here at Kalumpang Island. Experience the untouched beauty and wonders of nature at the island.

Kuala Sepetang another great place

Other than natural wilderness reserves, vacationers can head over to Kuala Sepetang (formerly known as Port Weld) to check out the fully-equipped port that was established in 1877 for exporting processed tin ore to other countries. Following the decline in demand for tin, the port is now used by fishing boats as an exit point to get to the sea. Charming and tranquil with nature blooms in every corner, how can you not visit Matang Mangrove Forest and other attractions in Krian District?


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