Explore the unspoiled protected forest: Royal Belum State Park

The discrete charm of the natural flora and fauna is an ideal place for visitors to relax and unwind during the weekend. So, escape deep in the protected natural wilderness of Royal Belum State Park. This renowned 130-million year old Royal Belum rainforest is even older than Amazon forest.

Perfect for nature lovers

Highly recommended in travel guides, nature lovers would definitely fall in love with the place as you can catch a glimpse of the most exotic and rare living plants and notorious wildlife creatures. Spread over 117,000 hectares of land, this vast state park is protected under the state royal family (thus given the name, Royal Belum State Park).

Binoculars and camera required

Before you hurry off to the state park, get yourself a pair of binoculars and camera so that you’ll have so much more fun while looking around the various living plants and wildlife creatures. Right here in Royal Belum, you’ll see 3 out of 20 species of unique Rafflesia flower and around 10 species of hornbills in the country.

Forget about taking your kids to the zoo because only in Royal Belum that you have the privilege to watch the animals roaming around freely in their natural habitat. Photographers have your camera ready and snap pictures of the natural flora and fauna while you rest at the observation shelters (also known as bumbun) as you might catch a brief glimpse of creatures roaming around their natural habitat.

Start at bumbun station

The bumbun station is ideally located somewhere near the salt licks thus attracting various wildlife creatures such as Samba Deer, Tapirs, tigers, bears, Sumatran Rhino, wild boars, Seladang and elephants. This is because there are around 60 natural salt licks that enable these animals to get mineral sustenance by licking the deposits. It is rather common for natural wilderness in Malaysia to have Orang Asli villages within the vicinity.

And Royal Belum State Park is no different from other parks around the country. The inhabitants of the village are Jahai people of Negrito tribe. The friendly and warm Jahai people usually welcome visitors by performing their ancient song accompanied by bamboo shoots. To ensure that you have an unforgettable experience in the village, visitors are allowed to try their hands on blowpipe to pop the balloons.

Locals will bring you around

On top of that, the hospitable inhabitants will take you on a tour around the beautiful village that consists of thatched huts. Feel free to take pictures with the adorable little girls clad in bright sarongs. Before you leave the village, remember to purchase some charming handmade souvenirs such as wooden combs and bangles. For those who plan to stay a few good days at Royal Belum, join the adrenaline-pumping water sports activity – rafting.

While the aborigines’ people make the sport look pretty easy, visitors who are not into this extreme sport should be prepared to experience the invigorating activity where you’ll glide over the calm lake waters surrounded by lush dense rainforest.

Avid nature lovers, your trip to the natural wilderness doesn’t stop here because there are plenty other places of interest within the area. For instance, Singor River located slightly further away from the tranquil town, Grik offers exciting and challenging water sports activities for the brave and experienced rafters. Situated about 35 kilometres from the town somewhere near Temenggor Lake, visitors will begin their journey to the river by taking a boat ride or traveling on foot through the ‘real jungle’ trail to get to the river.

Visit Temenggor Lake

And if you happen to be around Temenggor Lake, do not miss out on the opportunity to visit a man-made island located on Temenggor Lake – Banding. Sitting on the island to enjoy the breezy wind and listening to sound of birds chirping surrounded by lush dense forest of Belum Valley is something you’ll never forget. Maybe, you can go jungle trekking, bird watching, camping or fishing here on Banding to keep yourself entertained.


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