Kukup Laut – The fishing village on stilts

Kukup Laut is located towards the south-western region of Peninsular Malaysia located within the southern state of Johor. It is located about 20km off Pontian town and is known for its homes which are built on stilts where it is known to be a fishing village.

Kukup Laut for fishes and seafood

This is where you can find a lot of fish farms as well as a lot of seafood restaurants here which are also widely popular.

Visit the Aquacentre

Here you can visit the aquacenter to see how different fishes are bred and kept. It is quite an eye-opener here with all types of fishes that also include the king crab. A common sight here in Kukup are the sea Kelongs which typically are fish farms which are designed on structures that look like rafts and they float in the middle of the waters.

Transport and other information of Kukup Laut

Boat operators will be available to bring you to Kukup Laut and they will also be able to bring you towards Kukup Island which naturally is a mangrove island. The island was gazette as a State Park in 1997 to help preserve the mangrove and the eco system here where there are currently no inhabitants in the island. The chalets and restaurants in Kukup Laut remains the best attractions here.