Bujang Valley – Kedah

Anyone visiting northern Peninsular Malaysia will always be advised to go to Penang as it is a popular place for food and vacation. However, did you know that its neighboring state, Kedah has much to offer as well?

Bujang Valley, one of oldest archaeological sites

Bujang Valley is naturally a valley located within the natural landscapes of northern state, Kedah. This is the largest and one of the oldest archaeological sites in Malaysia where some of the artifacts are being displayed at the Archeology Museum Bujang Valley or Muzium Arkeologi Lembah Bujang which began operations in 1980 on Batu Pahat Hill and remains to be one of the reference points for archaeologists and historians around the world.

Among Malaysia’s oldest ports

It is managed under the Malaysia’s Museum and Antiquity Department and is the first archaeology museum in the country. For its historical findings, Bujang Valley was the oldest international and entrepot trade of Malaysia where there were all types of traded items during those times found here. This include objects like stoneware, pottery, glass, Persian ceramics, celadon, porcelain and beads.

Getting to Bujang Valley

The PLUS North-South Expressway is the best and most accessible method to get here where coming from Kuala Lumpur, you head out north towards Kedah and exit at the Sungai Petani interchange. From there, you will need to head out towards Merbok and there will be signs on how to get to the museum. The valley is located from Gunung Jerai towards south to Sungai Muda and has been one of the major economical areas since the fifth century.


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