Homestay in Sarawak

Sibu Homestay in traditional community

Sibu is one of the major towns in Sarawak. It offers a town like atmosphere as well as some traditional communities around the suburbs. In Sibu, there are several homestay options one can choose to stay in like the Indah Homestay. Ideal for the family and group tours, here is where one can rent an RM180 per night terrace home which is located in Taman Indah. It is very conveniently situated which is about 10 minutes drive away from the town center as well as major public amenities like the airport and nearby educational institutions.

There are 3 rooms available and includes kitchen equipments, living room and dining area. The Rumah Panjang Bawang Assan is another option which offers 13 rooms in the longhouse. Here is one can stay in the traditional setting and among the locals for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Samarahan homestay for RM180 per night

In the town of Samarahan it offers numerous homestay options for travelers who would like to indulge in the traditional culture of the Sarawak people here. There is the D,Inaphomestay which offers a convenient place to stay which is within reach of the Kuching city center. Located in Kota Samarahan, rates start from RM180 per day and is an ideal place to stay for group tours as it can accommodate up to 15 people at any time.

One could also head out to Visa Ilmu which is about half an hour’s drive from the city center. This homestay is located nearby to the public educational institutions like Unimas and UiTM which is ideal for families coming here to visit their children. Rates start from RM150 per day and it comes with a fully furnished apartment with 3 rooms. Kitchen facilities and living room equipments are also provided. They also provide car rentals where one can rent a Proton Waja for RM150 per day.

Mukah and Betong village homestay

Mukah offers a unique traveling experience for those who would like to enjoy traditional settings, food and experience. Here you can stay at the Homestay Kg Senau. It is located within the Melanau coastal village where one is able to learn more about the traditions and culture of this community. Apart from that,  there are also various other activities and attractions including its scenic environment and rich vegetation. One can stay at the many village homes here by contacting the Persatuan Nelayan Kawasan Mukah.

Lamin Dana is another option that one could choose from. It means traditional house in the Melanau language and it provides a wide range of packages while also offering lodging to visiting tourists. In Betong, one could stay at the Homestay Kampung Maludam. Located near the Maludam river, here is where one can stay at the traditional kampong houses and learn more about the locals and their heritage.

Miri homestay with top attractions in Sarawak

Miri is known to be the ‘oil city’ of Sarawak as it is known to be the home of major petroleum companies like Shell and Petronas. Here is where you are able to head out to other nearby attractions like Mulu Caves as well as to the Kelabit Highands. In Miri, you can stay at the Selungo Homestay which is located within reach of the city center. At the Rumah Panjang Patrick Libau Homestay, you can enjoy a traditional setting stay at the Niah neighbourhood and to indulge in the Iban longhouse lifestyle.

Here meals are provided while you are able to head out to the Niah National Park which is known for its natural attractions and rich vegetation. Apart from that, you can also walk to the Niah caves which is about 15 minutes away.

Kuching the capital city homestays

Kuching is the state capital of Sarawak and it is the main commercial and transportation center of the state. Here is where tourists come in from other parts of Malaysia through its international airport while there are a wide variety of schools, companies and agencies. In Kuching, there are many hotels available while homestay options are also offered. You can stay at the Heritage Garden which is typically a corner lot house. It is fully furnished and is ideal for families and can accommodate up to 12 people. 3 rooms are available while basic facilities like air-conditioning, wardrobe and kitchen equipments are also included.

For 6 people, the rental is at RM300 per day. In Nadin Homestay, you are  able to enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay. There are air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms to choose from while you are also able to use the facilities in within the house. Located in Petra Jaya, register with for reservations.

Kapit and Bario Highlands offering traditional longhouse homestay

The town of Kapit provides a traditional attraction for tourists. Here is where you are able to stay in the many longhouses which are commonly homestay options and visitors are able to be part of the community and local practices for a few days. At Homestay Rh. Panjang Lulut Unsa you can choose between the 33 doors in Rumah Lulut. Here meals are included and lodging while you are able to be part of the family who stays in the houses.

The surrounding areas here are very beautiful and scenic that offers an unforgettable traveling experience. Occasionally there will be performances. The Bario Highlands offers one of the most unique and traditional experience when visiting Sarawak. The highlands is the home to the Kelabit people here and visitors are often enthralled with the peaceful and village lifestyle when staying here. There are several homestay options available here like the Tama’k Ngimat Ayuh’s Homestay which offers rooms which are clean and comfortable. Rates are at RM60 per day and it includes 3 meals as well as tea and coffee. The longhouse offers a great stay for those who would like to learn more about the local community here.

What you need to know about homestays in Sarawak

The state of Sarawak is one of the most culturally rich and naturally beautiful states in Malaysia. This is where one is able to visit the likes of Niah and Mulu caves as well as a wide range of islands and resorts. Apart from that Sarawak also offers many traditional communities where one is able to enjoy the culture within the different societies here. In the major cities and towns like Kuching, Miri and Sibu, there are many hotels and resorts available while there are also homestay options which are more economical and affordable.

Apart from the common residential homes in the neighbourhoods, one can also choose to stay at the longhouses by the many indigenous groups around the state. Most of the homestay options here provide lodging and most basic facilities while those that offer meals like lunch and dinner are the more popular choices as they allow the visitor to try the local, traditional dishes.


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