Museum Tokoh

Museum Tokoh (literally translated as Heroes Museum) is one of the must visit popular museums in Pahang. This brick colonial-style building is ideally located adjacent to the state’s High Court, Sessions Court and Magistrates Court. Therefore, visitors can easily ask the locals for direction to get to the museum.

Place to remember the heroes

Formerly known as Museum Pahlawan, the building is divided into several galleries complete with an audio-visual centre. After looking around the gallery, visitors can walk over to the open space in the centre of the galleries to take some pictures here as you’ll find the concept of having a man-made waterfall and old rickshaw is the perfect background for photographs.

History and changes to the building

To retain the building’s structural elements, it was renovated once in February 1999. When the building was first built in 1910 during British administration, it was used as Kuantan district Office. Later on, the building housed Pejabat Kerajaan Daerah Kuantan, Pejabat Perairan dan Saliran, Pejabat Perhilitan, Pejabat Pesaka and Pejabat Penghulu Mukim Kuantan right until 1993 when the state government decided to turn it into a museum.

Great for travelers

The museum is highly recommended in travel guides due to its historical setting. Besides, the cultural zoning area in the museum that exhibits artefacts, information and documents related to ‘heroes’ of the state is the place for all to learn and show respect to national heroes.


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