Homestay in Selangor

Shah Alam Homestay

Shah Alam is one of the most developed cities in Selangor. It is known for being closely connected to the other suburbs within Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Visitors who come to Shah Alam can choose between the many homestay choices like the Nor Ilman Homestay which is located in Seksyen 13. This apartment offers 3 rooms which are fully equipped with kitchen and common living facilities that start from RM230 per day. Homestay Seksyen 7 is another apartment homestay that starts from RM120 per night.

Here, one is able to enjoy a wide range of facilities which include television, washing machine, kitchen equipments and is closely connected to the city center. Located not too far from here is the Anugerah Muara Homestay which is a double storey terrace house that comes with 4 rooms. The house that starts from RM200 per day and provides Astro television channels, kitchen facilities, refrigerator and washing machine among others.

Ampang Homestay

Ampang is a prestigious town in within Selangor. Here is where one is able to connect to numerous tourist attractions located around the Klang Valley and hence Ampang offers many homestay choices for those who are looking for a convenient and more affordable stay. The Nur Islah Homestay is located at Taman Permai Jaya which is ideal for group tours. The house starts from RM350 per day and is located very near to public amenities and is easily accessible to the city center. The Sri Ampang apartments offer 4 rooms that start from RM350 per night which comes with furniture, television, washing machine, kitchen facilities and is very convenient located.

The Kampung Tengah Homestay is another option which is very near to the Ampang Waterfront. Basic home facilities are provided in the home which also include television, refrigerator, water kettle and others. Internet access is provided while it is located very near to major travel sites like the Ampang Look-Out Point and one can head out to the city center within minutes. Rates start from RM100 per night.

Accommodation options in Selangor

Selangor is one of the most successful states in Malaysia where it is also known to be the richest. This is where the main transportation hub of the country resides which is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang. On top of that, Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital is also situated within the state. Hence, millions of tourists who visit Malaysia each year will come in through Selangor before heading out to other states and destinations although other states have their own international airports.

Selangor host a wide range of accommodation choices which include high class, 5 star hotels and resorts as well as budget accommodation choices like affordable inns, motels and homestays. As there are many residential neighbourhoods in around the state, many homestay operators offer an economical place to stay around the likes of Shah Alam, Puchong, Subang and many more. From these places, it is very easy and convenient for the visitors to embark to other places around Selangor.


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