Homestay options in Sabah

Sandakan is one of the major towns in Sabah where you can enjoy the local delicacies as well as travel to the nearby tourist attractions. There are several homestay options for you to experience a unique traveling experience. The Sandakan Homestay is located very conveniently where it is only 1 km from the Sandakan Aiport. Here is where you are closely connected to the major public amenities like the Fajar Pasar Malam as well as banks and hypermarkets. It offers 3 rooms in the house of which 2 are air-conditioned and facilities include complete living room equipments, television, kitchen and cooking facilities and many more.

Rate start from RM160 per night. You could also head out to Homestay Villa Permai that offers an apartment with 3 rooms. It is very strategically located and you are able to enjoy all the facilities in the apartment building like jogging track, swimming pool and the playground. Rates start from RM160.

Papar traditional homestay

The town of Papar is Sabah is a unique town where you are able to visit and dwell among the local traditions and food. There are several homestay options here to join in the community and participate in their daily activities. At D Putih Desa, the traditional home is located at Kampung Pulasan and offers 3 rooms. Here is where you are able to indulge in the traditional kampong house that starts from RM60 per day.

At Homestay Kampung Benoni, you are able to enjoy a night’s stay at a traditional home with basic facilities.The Papaga Homestay is another popular homestay option here which is located in the rich natural surroundings. Here you can enjoy buffalo rides as well as go fishing and jungle trekking. There are packages available here that include all the activities as well as performances by the locals.

Kudat Village style homestay

The town of Kudat is one of the most traditional towns in Sabah. Here, you are able to experience the traditional and village lifestyle while learning more about the local community here. In order to enjoy the trip, the best place to stay when visiting Kudat is at the homestay options available. At Maranjak Longhouse Homestay, you will be able to fully immerse into the longhouse culture made of bamboo walls and nipah palm leaves.

The accommodation here is fully furnished that come with living and dining room while you are also able to enjoy the local food here where meals are included. Rates start from RM18 per person per day and you can contact Borneo Rungus Longhouse Resort & Tours for further information. The Misompuru Homestay is another option where you can stay at the naturally rich location that include the Ponimpanan Waterfall as well as the honey-bee farm and a handicraft center.

Kota Kinabalu has all the modern homestays

Kota Kinabalu is the state capital of Sabah which is the main transportation and commercial center of Sabah. There is an international airport here while most would stop at Kota Kinabalu before heading out to other parts of the state. Hence there are many accommodation choices in Kota Kinabalu where that range from the budget and more affordable ones to the upmarket hotels and resorts.

In terms of homestays, you could engage MZ Homestay which is an apartment with 2 rooms to offer. Rates start from RM150 per day and it comes with facilities like a children’s playground, a swimming pool and others. The Nur Taqiy Homestay provides a condominium with 2 rooms located in 1Borneo Hypermall. Rates start from RM270 per day. The D Putih Villa is another option which is a bungalow house starting from RM100 per day.

About Sabah Malaysia and attractions

Sabah is one of the 2 East Malaysian states which are known for its travel attractions. It is home to Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia as well as a host of many islands famed for being international diving spots. The seaside resorts around here are also one of the most beautiful ones in the world like the Karambunai Nexus Resort. Hence, it is common to find many types of accommodation choices in around Sabah particularly in Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the state.

As Sabah is known to be very rich with culture and traditions, homestays offer a unique traveling experience for the tourists where they are able to immerse into local lifestyle and activities of the multicultural society here. Apart from Kota Kinabalu, other major towns here also offer many options of homestays which usually offers basic facilities and services around the towns of Tawau, Sandakan and many others.