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Gunung Stong State Park |

Gunung Stong State Park

Over at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, you will find many places to visit especially if you like nature and such. There are seaside resorts, city centres and many more to offer.

The Gunung Stong State Park is one of the natural attractions in the state of Kelantan. It is generally a heavily forested area that sits on a 21,950 hectare region of which is made of some very majestic high lands.

This is where you can visit one of the most naturally rich places around Peninsular Malaysia and yet is still very much untouched by commercial tourism. The highest waterfalls in Malaysia, Jelawang Waterfall is also housed in within the vegetation here.

Great place to experience unspoilt nature

One of the main elements of this State Park is that most of its landscape and beauty here are still very much natural and unspoilt, unlike many other state parks which have gone through development and intervention.

Hence, it provides one of the best eco-tourism destinations around the country where there is also some very significant efforts of conservation in terms of flora and fauna. Here is where some tropical animal species like the Asian Elephants, the great argus pheasant, the Malayan Tiger, the tapir as well as the seladangs are found. To get here, you just have to take the North-South Expressway towards the north and then take the Kuala Kangsar interchange and head out towards Gerik towards the east to Jeli. From there go to Dabong using Route 66.


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