Perlis Homestay guide and tips

Homestay choices in around Perlis can be found around the state. This is where you is able to find many homes which are rented out with the basic facilities for those who would like to stay in a home environment instead of the hotels and inns around. Kangar, which is the state capital offers the most home choices and these are usually found around the residential areas and community neighbourhoods.

You would find that most of the homestay choices here are commonly found among the more modern houses which are single or double storey as well as semi-detaches and bungalows too which are all vey conveniently located around the city center. Further out, homestays can be found in other major towns in Perlis like in Arau, Wang Kerian and Jejawi although smaller towns too offer these accommodation choices. Rates would start from RM50 per night for a room while the whole house could also be rented from RM150 per night.

Wang Kelian in Taman Negeri Perlis

If you are planning to visit Taman Negeri Perlis when visiting the northern state and is looking for a homestay environment, then you might want to consider heading out towards Wang Kelian in Taman Negeri Perlis. Here is where you will enjoy the classic and traditional home which offers you the rich sub-tropical forest environment which is unique and different from other parts of the country. Here there are a few chalet homes which is connected to other facilities like a campsite, a café, surau and others for an unforgettable stay.

It is known for its serene and peaceful environment and let you be so close to nature, you are almost becoming part of it. The park is managed by the Perlis Forestry Department and you will need to register with the office before heading into the park. Register in for more information and for reservations of the chalets here.

Mata Ayer whole house for just RM280

There are several homestay choices in Mata Ayer in Perlis. Here you will be able to choose either to book the whole house or just a section of the house while enjoying the facilities like cooking and living room environments. At the Mata Ayer Guesthouse/Homestay, you will be able to rent the whole house for just RM280. If you decide to stay for a longer period of time, the price is negotiable. However, rooms also are available for only RM60 per night.

The MAH or Mata Ayer Homestay offers one of the cheapest homestays around. Here rooms start from RM60 per night which are air-conditioned and living room facilities are also provided. There are 4 air-conditioned rooms to choose from with 3 bathrooms and you can expect an induction cooker, 2 television sets, you for each floor with Astro channels as well as a fully automatic washing machine available for your convenience.

Homestay in Kangar the capital of Perlis

The capital of Perlis, Kangar offers many choices of homestay if you are looking for a place to stay which will ensure that you get the best local experience in the home environment. At Villa Orkid Homestay which is located at Taman Kemajuan, the 2 storey house offers 3 rooms and basic facilities at RM160 per night which is very near to the amenities and public places around the city. Adam’s Homestay is located in Jalan Bintong where the 2 storey house starts from RM300 per night.

Homestay Jannah meanwhile offers 3 room homes at a very affordable rate which is at RM80 per night but the rooms are not air-conditioned. Homestay Idaman in Taman Bukit Kayangan offer air-conditioned and fan rooms and the single storey homes starts from RM150 per night. The De Putera Homestay is slightly more expensive which starts from RM220 per night and is located at Taman Desa Putera. The endlot home comes with 3 bedrooms which are fully air-conditioned and 2 baths. Other homestays around Kangar include Desa Pulai Homestay, Banglo Klasik which offers a classif bungalow style accommodation, Bahagia Homestay, Santan homestay and HZ Buget Homestay.

Jejawi affordable homestays

Homestay choices in Jejawi are not as many as the other bigger towns and here you can head out to Azi Homestay which also has a premise in Kangar. The Azi Homestay is one of the most affordable choices here which is an ideal place for Muslims. The Jejawi branch is located in Taman Mesra, a peaceful and harmonious neighbourhood which is located very near to Kangar town. The Semi-Detached home is an ideal Muslims only accommodation with 2 air-conditioned rooms to offer. Rates start from RM180 per night.

The Sri Lanchang Homestay is another popular choice here which also offers similar choices in Mata Ayer. There are 3 rooms of which 2 are air-conditioned. Kitchen facilities are provided for cooking. For RM60 per night and RM50 during off-peak season, you can stay at the 4 room home in Jejawi homestay. The whole house which comes with 4 rooms and 2 living rooms is available for RM280 per night.

Beseri chalet style homestay

In Beseri, you can stay at the Al-Hamra Homestay that offers a chalet style place to stay. Located in Jalan Kaki Bukit, there are 2 units of the chalets for rent and it starts from RM80 per night. Over at Cikgu Mary Homestay, you will be able to enjoy a night stay at the standard guest house style which is designed for many people in a group. The house is a large space which can accommodate up to 20 people which is ideal for group tours.

Free tea and Milo drinks and rates start from RM60 for 4 persons with an additional RM10 per person. Another homestay in Kampung Paya known as Homestay in Beseri offers a 2 bedroom house which provides kitchen and living room facilities. Coffee, tea and sugar are provided free of charge with charges from RM60 per person. Standard facilities here include a kitchen for cooking and a drying area for you to hang your clothes.

Arau Tamah Indah Home for just RM180 per night

Arau, a major town in Perlis offers many choices when it comes to homestays. Here you are able to find a wide range of house available which are affordable depending on the duration of your stay. At Rumah Rehat Taman Muhibbah, the terrace, 3 bedroom homes are fully air-conditioned and starts from RM200 per night. Kitchen facilities, a comfortable living room with television, dining area, a refrigerator are the basic facilities. The AF Homestay meanwhile is a corner lot home which offers an RM180 per night, 3 room single storey house.

It is fully furnished with air-conditioning and living room facilities. At LN Homestay, you will be able to enjoy a good night’s rest at the very convenient Taman Indah home for just RM180 per night. Single room rentals are also available while the rates can still be negotiated based on the duration of the stay. The 38Seri Wang Guesthouse/ Homestay starts from RM160 per night with facilities that include water kettle, refrigerator and television.

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