Lenggong Archaeological Museum

If you are a history-lover, you will not want to miss the Lenggong Archaeological Museum. Beautifully located on a paleolithic-era archaeological site in Lenggong, the Lenggong Archaeological Museum is just somewhere near Tasik Raban.

Pre-historical site in Malaysia

The Lenggong Archaeological Museum is known with the locals as Kota Tampan Archaeological Museum. As the name implies, it is located near Lenggong town within Kota Tampan. It has been recorded that this site goes all the way back to more than 74,000 years.

What about Lenggong?

From Ipoh, Lenggong town is about 100 kilometers towards its north. As you head towards Grik, you will come through Kuala Kangsar. In all its essence, Lenggong is known to be the oldest site in Peninsular Malaysia in terms of human activity.

Galleries at the Museum

There are 2 galleries here namely:

  1. the Lenggong Pre-Historic Gallery
  2. and the Human Civilization Gallery

At the museum, you would not want to miss the exhibition of the Perak Man. This is the oldest human skeleton found in West Malaysia. It is recorded that this discovery dates back to more than 10,000 years ago through the Palaeolithic era.

Getting to the museum

To get here, you will need to take Route 76 that connects you between Baling and Kuala Kangsar. Using the North-South Expressway, you need to take the Kuala Kangsar Interchange before heading towards Baling town. Once you are there, you can ask the locals the exact location of the museum.


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