Authentic dishes available in Pahang

No trip to Malaysia is complete without satisfying your taste bud with a wide variety of astounding mouth-watery delights. In fact, eating is the one thing that you must do when you travel to Malaysia.

Excellent food at every corner of every state

You would have no trouble in finding delectable good food throughout the country. Hence, Pahang offers a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines. You would need to familiarize yourself with ‘Moh Makan’ invitation among friends especially when you are in Pahang

Popular dishes of Pahang

The scrumptious Malay dishes in Pahang have been influenced by other cuisines namely Indian, Chinese and Arab delights. Back in the olden days, Indian traders who came to Pahang brought some special spices such as coriander, ginger and cumin. Thus, Malays decided to use the spices to enhance the aroma of traditional Malay food. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide array of cuisines available in Pahang such as:

  1. Nasi Lemak
  2. Kebab
  3. Pasembor
  4. Chicken Rice
  5. Rendang
  6. Satay.

ther than local delights, if you are craving for delicious Western cuisines, vacationers can always tempt your palate by dining at restaurants located in hill resorts and coastal.

Western dishes aplenty

Kebab or also commonly known as satay among locals is the one dish you must try! The marinated meat cubes (chiken, lamb and even fish) are threaded on skewers to be barbecued on open flame. Eaten with cucumber, onions and ketupat, the meat is dipped into specially made spicy peanut sauce. Fragrant spices and herbs such as coriander, kaffir lime, pandan, lemon grass and coconuts are used widely and added to dishes to enhance the aroma and bring out the flavour of the cuisines.

Staple food – Rice

Since rice is the staple food for Malaysians, it is prepared meticulously with other ingredients and cooked to perfection. White rice is served with other succulent and delicious dishes such as chicken, fish and meat. The pleasure of enjoying fabulous aromatic white rice with ulam is something you’ll never forget. Other authentic Malay cuisines available in Pahang are Nasi Kebuli and Opor Daging. Nasi Kebuli originated from Kuala Lipis District is a special rice dish while Opor Daging is a dish of beef or lamb eaten together with white rice. The dish is sometimes cooked in rending style. So kick back and enjoy some authentic Malay cuisines, shall we?


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