Kapas Island

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May 2, 2017
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May 2, 2017

Kapas means Cotton and it gives you the impression of being delicate, white and fragile. This is the very notion you will get if you plan to visit Kapas Island or Pulau Kapas.

Best of Island Nature

If you like nature and all there is to offer, then, Kapas Island is your best destination. After all, you will not find polluted towns or modern buildings here. Kapas Island offers a perfect island getaway for anyone seeking a peaceful vacation away from the noise of traffic congestions and polluted air.

Shopping – There isn’t much shopping to do in Kapas Island. However, you could find some local handicrafts and perhaps old porcelain items discovered from the shipwrecks nearby. If you are along the beaches here, try to find some stalls where you can find a lot of local items to buy.

Snorkelling for everyone

This will be something you must do at any island. Kapas is no different. You will find that most of the hotels offer this activity. Snorkelling is great if you like to be close to the fishes on the water-bed just off the coast. Among the species you could find are parrot fishes.

As you are swimming very close to the seabed, be careful not to trample on the vegetation there. The sea rambutans can be quite nasty. Rental of snorkelling gear is easily available starting from RM10 per person. In most cases, the operators will bring you to the spots on a boat.

Water Sports around the beach

If you just like to enjoy the sun and sand, then take time to go strolling along the beach. You will then come across a lot of operators that provide different types of activities. Kayaking is quite common here or you can get into a jet-ski and wheeze you way across the water.

Most popular beaches

What makes Kapas Island so popular is its beaches. During the peak seasons, the sandy beaches can be quite packed. This is when you will notice that the seas are bluer than usual. Take note of the best times to come here during the year so that you can actually indulge into the sand and waters anytime.

Camping and Trekking

If you have enough of the sun, sea and sand, then you can head out to the jungles or go camping. The LongSha Campsite is quite a popular spot if you like nature in this manner. You know you are in for some great time once you reach here as the colourful tents and hammocks can be seen from afar.

Basically, it is the cheapest way to enjoy a good night’s rest because you will be sleeping in a tent. It is all about getting back to basics here but what better options are there than to enjoy the sea breeze and sound of gushing waters from a walking distance? Besides that, there are a lot of trees located just behind the campsite. You can actually take walks into the jungle from here.

Gem Island hidden and amazing

If you are staying in LangSha Campsite, you can try to arrange for a boat ride to Gem Island. It is located not far from the main island where you can spend an entire day there. The beaches here are simply beautiful and breathe-taking.

Since you are spending some time here, take your time to enjoy different types of activities in the island. Snorkelling here is great because you get to see some other species of creatures including baby-sharks.

Meanwhile, the Gem Island Resort and Spa has quite a lot of things to offer in terms of food. Otherwise, you can try to engage their spa facilities to rejuvenate and give your body a refreshing session.