Top 6 mistakes people make going on vacation

Travelling can be very fun if you make all the necessary arrangements and adjustments before you leave. Otherwise, you will find yourself worrying about home and work even when you are in the highlands of Kota Kinabalu or the deep sea waters of Sipadan. So to avoid having your vacation spoilt, take note of some mistakes people make below.

The house alarm system is safe enough

Despite having a sophisticate home alarm system, do not be overly assured that it is enough. Give a set of keys to the emergency contact person when you are away. This would be someone you can trust like your parents or siblings. In case of emergencies, they can sort out whatever is needed. The rule of thumb is to have the peace of mind when you are on vacation.

It is better to drive to the airport myself

If possible, you should take public transport. The KLIA Express or the bus services are ideal transportation modes as they are consistent and ensure that you get to the airport on time provided that you leave earlier. If you are flying, you might be nervous and driving could be dangerous.

My telco has roaming, so I will get all the services on my phone

You must check with your Telco company before leaving. This will ensure that you will not run into any complications when you reach there. If the telco company tells you that they do not have services where you are heading to, then its best to find out what your options are.

My luggage is orange so it’s probably the only one in the flight

One of the worst and most daunting things about flying is when you are waiting for your luggage. No doubt you might have striking coloured bag but it would be best to use your own customized luggage tag. You will be surprised just how many people have the same ‘orange’ luggage in your flight.

I am flying Business class, the plane will wait

No matter what class you are flying, they will keep to the schedule. This is a no-brainer. Certain Business Class passengers arrive about 1 hour before and could find that they have closed the doors. Whichever class you fly, always arrive 2 to 3 hours before the check-in time to avoid problems.

There are provisions and services for my kids in the plane

Do not assume that the flight attendants will give your kids a good time by playing with them or provide something to keep the young ones busy. Pack your own activities to keep your kids entertained and you might just be able to sleep during the flight. Flight attendants do not do what you see in commercials, they have a lot more people to attend to and not only your kids alone.

The most important factor when you are travelling on a vacation is that you want to have the peace of mind and not having to think about home for a while. After all what you are trying to do is to get away from the daily routines that you have gotten so bored with. You want a refreshing change and avoiding the mistakes would just help you to get there.


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