Sungai Lembing Museum

Back in the olden days, tin was reputed as the most important source in the world. Unfortunately, due to more advanced technology, plastics, aluminum and other synthetic resources were invented to replace tin.
Once upon a time, Sungai Lembing was the richest mining town in the state of Pahang. Then, it was has the second richest tin deposit in the world, Bolivia being the richest. It was recorded then that the mining shafts and tunnels went as deep as 50 meters, which was at that time the deepest in Southeast Asia.

How it all began?

When the British colonized the country, they were allowed to explore the area by the then Sultan of Pahang, Almarhum Sultan Ahmad Muazzam Shah I. It would be the first town that came under the purview of a British Mining company. Sungai Lembing would, in the next 100 years produce millions of tonnes of ore which saw it grow to become one of the top mining towns in the world.

The Sungai Lembing Museum

To commemorate Sungai Lembing town as the country-cum-world’s richest tin producer, the state decided to establish Sungai Lembing Museum to honour the town as well as to have a centre that allows citizens to learn everything they need to know about tin mining.

Decline in demand for tin

The decline in demand eventually led Sungai Lembing town to drop in its economy. But nevertheless, the glory days of the town would be remembered forever. In line with government’s effort to promote the state as a premier tourist destination, Sungai Lembing Museum was set up to exhibit various historical pieces to ensure that the present and future generations can appreciate and realize the importance of tin mining activities in the town that played crucial role in economic development of Pahang.

Transportation and nearby attractions

To get to the museum, you can hail a taxi or a bus from the Kuantan Bus station. Around the same vicinity, you can visit other nearby attractions like:

  1. A deer-breeding farm
  2. waterfall and hot spring
  3. Mount Tapis Recreational Park
  4. the Charax Cave’s “Sleeping Buddha”
  5. Panorama Hill
  6. and Recreational Forest.

Otherwise, you can head to the D’Mine Shoppe to buy a variety of souvenirs and resources about Sungai Lembing.


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