Gunung Tahan

All across Malaysia, mountain climbers and jungle trekkers will be able to find some of the most breath-taking places to climb. Along the way of these trails, you will come close to some of the most natural wonders of nature, often close to wildlife and beautiful sights.

Enter Gunung Tahan

The highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia is Gunung Tahan or Mount Tahan. Standing at 2187 meters above sea level, it is located in within the state of Pahang majestically placed inside the Taman Negara forests.

One of the most challenging peaks

The peak is known to be part of the Tahan Range where it would rigorously test climbers and hikers attempting to get to the top. Often compared to the highest peak in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu where getting to the top would require 2 days at most, Mount Tahan would be a more physically challenging trip. Although not as high as the east Malaysian mountain, it would take about 7 days to get to the peak of Tahan.

A lot to see along the way

To get to the top, one would have to go through the Kuala Tahan classic trail where the trekker would have to get through thick and swelling ridges. Also along the way, one would have to trek past rivers and streams. Gunung Tahan is known to be the harder mountainous trails in the country and would only be advised for experienced and more expert climbers.