Casa Rachado Resort Port Dickson

The Casa Rachada Resort is one of the various places to stay if you are seeking a quiet getaway by the seaside and enjoying the pristine seas.

Apartments at the Casa Rachado Resort

Casa Rachado Resort in PD offers a total of 36 apartment units for holidaymakers and beach lovers. Specially designed for your comfort and convenience, Casa Rachado overlooks the mangrove forest with several flora, fauna and historic landmarks. The resort offers mouth-watery Asian and international cuisines to suit your tastes.

Entertainment and Leisure

Holidaymakers can unwind and relax at the Dominica Lounge while enjoying their retreat with the spectacular blue dotted skies view and light gentle breeze. This is where you can have a good time in a series of fun and exciting activities such as jet skiing, canoeing, speed boating, fishing and crabbing. In addition to that, you can hike up to the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia.

Business and meetings at Casa Rachado

Casa Rachado would be the ideal choice for business travellers as it offers specially designed conference facilities to accommodate up to 150 people that include conference hall and meeting rooms. The resort is designed through a Caribbean-inspired motif. Facing the Pantai Cermin, it is located just behind the infamous Blue Lagoon in PD.

Options and facilities at Casa Rachado

At the apartments, you can choose between the smaller studio, double or larger 3-bedroom units which are ideal for visitors of different sizes. The 2 condominium complexes are fully furnished with standard equipment like television set, free internet access in the public spaces as well as swimming pool. From here, you are within reach of the public amenities and shops of PD town nearby where you can find eateries, convenience stores as well as many other nearby attractions.

Casa Rachado Beach Resort Port Dickson
Jalan Pantai,
Tanjung Tuan,
71050 Port Dickson


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