Bungalows in Port Dickson

Port Dickson, a small and sleepy town in Negeri Sembilan relies heavily on tourism industry. Over the years, it has been a favourite choice of relaxation destination among locals and foreigners. Located only about 90 kilometres from Kuala Lumpurcity centre, holidaymakers can easily drive to PD via Seremban-Port Dickson Highway.

PD ideal for families and group holidays

Spending your holidays with families and loved ones can be exciting and memorable. Since PD is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Peninsular, accommodation ca be costly particularly for those who are on tight budget. But why pay more for small and crampy hotel rooms when you can get spacious bungalows at almost the same price?

Bungalows a great choice to stay in PD

Holidaymakers, families and leisure seekers can rent bungalows at affordable rates. The large and spacious bungalows here are fully equipped with modern amenities while you can enjoy private pool with your loved ones without the presence of strangers around.

General facilities at PD bungalows

Generally, the bungalows are equipped with air-conditioned rooms, television, water heaters, cooking facilities, swimming pool, car park and barbeque facilities. Besides that, bungalows are located within walking distance from Port Dickson beaches. Hence, guests can walk to their preferred beach.

Anggun Bungalow, Taman Halycon

Anggun Bungalow located in Taman Halcyon Batu 9 along Jalan Pantai Pasir Panjang is one of the favourite lodging among families and those who travel in group. Guests can enjoy swimming in the private pool. There are six rooms in the bungalow. Basically, the rental during peak season is RM600 while off-peak season is RM500.

Captain Lodge Bungalows

Captain Lodge Bungalows that are tastefully furnished with modern amenities overlook the panoramic ocean view. This four-room bungalow is available at RM600 during peak season and RM500 during off-peak period.

Ayer Hitam Bungalow

You can relax, enjoy and indulge in Ayer Hitam Bungalow located at Teluk Kemang along Jalan Pantai. The bungalows are located within 2-minute walking distance from the famous Teluk Kemang beach. All the four bedrooms are fully air-conditioned and furnished with basic amenities. For those who would like to organize a barbeque party here, the spacious and large compound area allows you to do so.

Costa Holiday Bungalow

Located approximately 30 metres from the beach, Costa Holiday Bungalow is another favourite lodging among families and leisure seekers. This four-bedroom and three-bathroom bungalow is fully furnished with amenities including Astro services.

Family Holiday Bungalow

Family Holiday Bungalow is the perfect gathering place for family and friends. A total of 20 guests can fit in this five-bedroom bungalow complete with kitchen utensils and basic amenities for your convenience. There is a small landscaped garden next to the parking area for guests to relax and unwind in the evenings.

Kuantan Holiday Bungalow

Kuantan Holiday Bungalow is famous among families for there is a swimming pool specifically catered for kids. This six-bedroom bungalow is furnished with kitchen utensils, spacious barbeque compound and Astro services.

Langkawi, Pangkor and Lumut Holiday Bungalows

Langkawi Holiday Bungalow is located next to two other bungalows – Pangkor Holiday Bungalow and Lumut Holiday Bungalow. Langkawi Holiday Bungalow is a five-bedroom accommodation that comes together with television, basic amenities, kitchen utensils and barbeque place.

Meanwhile, Lumut Bungalow Holiday is also similar to Langkawi – five-bedroom bungalow complete with basic amenities for your convenience. Leisure seekers and holidaymakers often rent Lumut Holiday Bungalow as it takes only about 30 seconds to walk to the beach.

Mutiara Bungalow

Located slightly further from the beach, Mutiara Bungalow has four-bedroom and three-bathroom equipped with fridge, barbeque place, kitchen utensils and other basic amenities. But guests have to walk approximately 8 minutes to get to the beach.

Teluk Kemang Holiday Bungalwo

Another bungalow which takes about 10 minutes to walk to the beach, Teluk Kemang Holiday Bungalow is less popular among holidaymakers due to its location. But nevertheless, this is one of the largest bungalows in PD.

Winner Bungalow Holiday

Winner Bungalow Holiday is dubbed as one of the best bungalows lodging available in PD for the house comes together with swimming pool and spacious barbeque place perfect for family outings and party. The six bedrooms in Winner Bungalow are fully air-conditioned. It takes about one to two minutes to walk from the bungalow to beach.

Kin Villa

Located somewhere near Family Holiday Bungalow, Kin Villa is a unique lodging for those who seek serenity. The villa is situated about 2 minutes walking distance from Teluk Kemang.

Other bungalows around PD

Besides the above mentioned bungalows, you can also choose other unique and spacious bungalows namely:

  1. Zosen Villa
  2. Pearl Villa
  3. Seri Mesra Holiday Bungalow
  4. Pantai Holiday Bungalow
  5. Nisha Villa
  6. and Tiara Holiday Bungalow.


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