Where to go in Port Dickson

Port Dickson that lies approximately 34 kilometres from Seremban city centre is an ideal relaxation destination for those who seek to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. KLites often drive to PD during the weekends as it is accessible along North-South Expressway.

Top choice for a getaway

Holidaymakers and honeymooners choose PD as their preferred destination in Peninsular as the town has a lot to offer. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in exciting water sports such as para-sailing, banana boating and wind surfing. In addition to that, PD has plenty of historical sites suitable for sightseeing.

Historical town of Lukut

Situated about 4 kilometres away from the seaside town of PD is this historical tin mining area, Lukut. The town was run by a group of Chinese immigrants from mid to late-1800s. This tin mining area is fairly popular until the 19th century. Realizing the tensions between immigrants in Lukut town, Fort Lukut was developed and built to control the trade here.

The Lukut Museum

Besides Fort Lukut, another renowned sightseeing attraction here is Lukut Museum. The museum exhibits artefacts found in Fort Lukut. Hence, for those who would like to know more about Lukut’s history, make a trip down to the museum. The artefacts include coins and clay floor tiles as well as Dutch East Indies Company battleship which was discovered at Tanjung Tuan. Visitors can practically find history, cultures and customs of Lukut in this amazing and fascinating museum.

Most important attraction, the beaches of PD

Since beaches are the heart and soul of this small town of PD, visitors have to visit some of the well-known beaches here namely:

  1. Tanjung Tuan
  2. Blue Lagoon
  3. Teluk Kemang beach
  4. and Pantai Saujana

Tanjung Tuan and its lighthouse

Tanjung Tuan is one of the hottest spots in town as it offers more than you can expect. Eco-lovers can jungle trek in the lush greenery forest while you are on your way to the lighthouse. Over the years, Tanjung Tuan has attracted thousands of visitors annually.

The lighthouse in Tanjung Tuan overlooks the panoramic Straits of Malacca. This historical site was built by the Portuguese around 1500s in order to guide their passing ships through the troubled waters before stopping at Malacca.

This lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction due to its ability to illuminate the shores of Tanjung Tuan until today. Before visitors reach the top of lighthouse, they need to explore the Forest Reserve and make their way up the hill.

Keramat Ujong Pasir

Another sightseeing attraction to be included in your trip itinerary is Keramat Ujong Pasir in Fort Kempas. This is a well-known small village in PD that consists the tomb of a famous Islamic historical personality, Ulama Sheikh Ahmad Makhtum. In order to reach the charming village, one must travel about 25 kilometres from PD and make your way up to Ramuan Cina via the old road to Malacca.

Cape Rachado Forest Reserve

As mentioned earlier, eco-lovers can try jungle trekking in Cape Rachado Forest Reserve as the area is made up of rainforest and mangrove swamps that will leave you an unforgettable experience. Along the trail, trekkers will see large monitor lizards, snakes, crocodiles, birds and other reptiles swimming in the waters.

Teluk Kemang

Besides Tanjung Tuan, another popular and entertaining beach around PD is Teluk Kemang. Similar to any other beaches here, water sports enthusiasts can rent banana boat, canoe or jet ski from the operators that stretched along the shoreline.

The first Ostrich Farm – Jelita

A trip to PD is never complete without visiting Malaysia’s first ostrich farm – Jelita Ostrich Farm. The trip to the farm is entertaining and educational particularly for kids. Visitors can learn everything they need to know on handling ostrich eggs carefully or participate in ‘Man against Ostrich’ challenge.

In order to win the challenge, participants are required to break an ostrich egg by standing on the hard shell. Before you head home, check out the souvenir shop for special gifts to bring home – Ostrich feather dusters and cosmetic products made from ostrich oil.

If you have visited the ostrich farm, here is another educational attraction in PD – the mini zoo. The zoo has wide range of animal species such as snakes, monkeys, rabbits, horses and camels.

Wan Loong Temple in Jalan Pantai

The final destination of the day is Wan Loong Temple located along Jalan Pantai. In Chinese, Wan Loong refers to ‘dragon in the sky’. This is the largest and most beautiful temple available in PD. The temple is surrounded by ‘great wall’ and hence, visitors from outside have to get into the temple to see the premise.


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