Pulau Pinang

Penang is a state at the north of the Peninsular by the west coast. It is made up predominantly of an island and some parts of the mainland in Seberang Prai which was formerly known as Province Wellesley. Known as the ‘food paradise’ of the country, its tourism industry here is one of the main attractions here and is one of the most visited states in Malaysia.

Beautiful beaches surrounding the island

There are many things to see and do in Penang, its lush beaches are one of the most developed in the whole nation. Resorts and hotels can be found lining up the coastline for those who like the seaside. Its capital is Georgetown and is the most busy and commercial area of the state. Most people can find great food in around the town in within the pre-war architectural buildings and structures.

Penang Heritage History you must know

Historically, Penang was previously a part of Kedah, and Captain Francis Light came and built a fort there. After that, it became one of the three British Straits Settlements together with Singapore and Malacca. It got its name from the local word Pinang which means Betel Nut and Tree, therefore coupled with the word Pulau, it means Betel Nut Island. The capital Georgetown got its name from King George the third and it was since then. The state keeps the highest population density in the country of which is made up mostly of the Chinese.

Another tourism state in the northern region

Most of the state’s income are derived through its tour and travel industry although there are many foreign direct investments located in around the Free Trade Zone from Multinational Companies like Dell, Intel, Motorola and Jabil.

The coastal areas in around Batu Feringghi is one of the most frequented areas of the island with resorts and hotels found all over. The Night Market here is one of the main attractions. One thing for sure you must try the food in Penang. Its Asam Laksa and the Fried Kuey Teow are the most original dishes here although one should not be limited to try out almost anything in Penang, which is bound to taste good and almost unforgettable.

Apart from the capital of Georgetown, other cities here include:

  1. Bukit Mertajam
  2. Nibong Tebal
  3. Tasek Gelugor
  4. Bandar Perda
  5. and Simpang Ampat.


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