Perlis Indera Kayangan

Perlis is the smallest and northernest state in the Peninsular Malaysia. It is the last state from the country before heading out to Southern Thailand. The state houses more than 210,000 in population with Arau as its Royal Seat while the capital is in the city of Kangar.

Background of Perlis

The state was historically a part of the Kedah state when it was under the Thai Monarchy. Generally, the state is divided among its towns of Kangar, Arau and Padang Besar, the Malaysia-Thailand border town. One can also come through from Kuala Perlis, the town that hosts the main port of the state, linking ferries and boats from Langkawi Island.

Easy to get around the small state

Being the smallest state in the country, it is an easily visited place where one is able to get around pretty much without hassle. Bordered by Kedah at the south and the Straits of Malacca in the west, Perlis’s highest peak here is Mount China. Like any other parts of the country, it experiences the tropical monsoon, which is mostly dry during the first four months of the year while the other months are wetter with rainfall. It has a lake known as Tasik Melati that offers a serene location for picnics, day outs and vacations.

Strong culture and traditions

Perlis maintains a high level of traditions like dances and performance arts. Their Tarian Ayam Didik and Tarian Canggung are very much in demand. The Canggung is a historical dance performed during harvest. This is pretty much like answering poems, in the local terms ‘Berbalas Pantun’ and accompanied with music.

Tarian Terinai is performed in royal events and ceremonies where five musicians harmoniously use the Gendang Terinai, which is a type of drums play. Another form of performance here is the Awang Batil which goes along a story telling performance about the history of the old traditions.


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