Perak Darul Ridzuan

Perak, is located at the northern corridor of Peninsular Malaysia and is the fourth largest state in the whole Malaysia after Sarawak, Sabah and Pahang. It is one of the most frequented travel destination in the country due to its sereneness and vibrant landscapes. Its capital, Ipoh is a popular place for food.

Malaysia’s silver state

Its name which means Silver in the Malay language is believed to have got its name from the silvery tin which was previously one of the main riches in this state. Its origin dates back to an ancient old kingdom known as Gangga Negara where there has been some archaeological discoveries that goes all the way back to prehistoric era. However, the modern government dates back to defeat of Malacca Sultanate.

Early developments of Perak

The state is historically known for its rubber soils and tin. When these industries began to decline and demand decrease, the main income caused the state much suffering. Its food industry here however are one of its main attractions.

Malaysia’s most popular and cheapest food

Ipoh is famous for its Chicken Rice with bean sprouts while Taiping is known to be one of the oldest town in the country, housing the oldest railway and the oldest prison. In another city called Tanjung Malim, one can find the state of the art Proton City, the manufacturing plant for the national car maker.

Pulau Pangkor in Perak

Apart from that, you can visit Pulau Pangkor which is famous for its nice beaches and sea side resorts. Bukit Merah is a theme park, and eco park and is the only orang-utan island here. Over in Teluk Intan, one can see various older landmarks which was previously a tin city.

Perak is renowned to be a slow moving state especially for the budding tourist who would prefer a slow pacing holiday vacation. It avoids the hustle and bustle of the city and from its capital of Ipoh one can clearly see the landscapes and limestone caves lining up along the skyline.


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