Editor’s Guide to Johor Homestay

Pontian homestay

At Pontian, you can stay at the many homestay choices available. Here is where you are able head out to Benut Homestay which is a double storey home that offers 2 rooms for your stay. From RM150, the house is fully furnished and comes with refrigerator, kitchen facilities and is an ideal place to stay for groups and families. At Damai Homestay, you will be able to rent the terrace house from RM50 per day. It is very strategically located and convenient as it is only minutes from the town centre.

Basic facilities are provided here and is a great place to stay for groups. At the D’ Desa Guesthouse which is located at Kampung Serkat, you are able to rent the 3 room house from RM150 per day. The house is very spacious which comes with air-conditioning and several facilities and equipments. A refrigerator is provided among the kitchen equipments that allow you to cook your own food and it is also very close to nearby villages that offer a unique stay and experience.

Muar and Tangkak homestay

Muar and Tangkak are 2 towns which are located very near to each other. Here is where you visit the town to enjoy the traditional lifestyle and the local food which are very famous here. In Muar, you can head out to Vistana Homestay which is located at Bukit Gambir. The double storey home starts from RM100 per day and comes with a full range of home appliances. In Tangkak, the Shaza Homestay offers accommodation at the semi-detached house that comes with 3 rooms.

Rates start from RM300 per day and it offers kitchen and cooking facilities, television, refrigerator and many others. The Homestay Taman Warisan Sagil offers RM180 per day rentals which is very near to the Gunung Ledang waterfalls and is ideal for those who are looking to visit this natural attraction. This unit is ideal for families visiting their children studying at the matriculation and community colleges around here.

Kota Tinggi homestay

Kota Tinggi offers a wide range of homestay choices for the budget traveler who is looking for a unique experience and an unforgettable stay. Here you are able to live among the locals and participate in the daily activities to learn more about the culture and society. At De’ Qaseh Desaru Homestay, the single storey, 3 room house starts from RM180 per day.

It is located very near to Desaru beach and is equipped with air-conditioning, water heater, ironing equipments and kitchen. The Damai Desaru Homestay is another common choice here that offers 3 rooms in the unit. It is nearby to the beach side and starts from RM180 per day. At Homestay Mardiah Inap in Bandar Penawar, you can stay at the double storey, 4 room home that starts from RM250 per day on weekends and RM200 per day on weekdays. Television, refrigerator and kitchen facilities are included in the unit.

Johor Bahru homestay

The city of Johor Bahru which is known in short as JB is the state capital of southernmost state Johor. Here is where you are accorded with the main commercial centre for the state that connects Malaysia with southern neighbour Singapore. JB is easily accessible through the major expressways where you can visit many other places around here like Batu Pahat, Segamat and Muar.

JB is known to be one of the busiest cities in Malaysia as it houses the only immigration checkpoint that connects to Singapore. Hence, it is common to see a lot of Singaporeans coming to Malaysia through JB and vice versa. Generally, it is the transport hub for anyone who would like to visit Singapore through Malaysia. It is more known for its industrial sectors where JB is home to some of the top electronics manufacturers while it is also within range of Iskandar Malaysia, one of the most rapidly growing economic regions of the country.

The city is connected by air through the Senai International Airport and there are many upscale hotels located within the heart of JB while towards the outskirts, you can find and enjoy a host of budget accommodations which are catered to tourists who are looking to take day trips to Singapore and staying for the night here.

Batu Pahat homestay

Batu Pahat, or BP in short is a unique town for travelers because it offers its own original attractions and culture while being closely located with Johor Bahru, the state’s capital city. Here is where you are able to find many homestay choices that include MyHome House which is located at Parit Raja. The single storey home comes with 3 rooms and starts from RM200 per day. It is fully furnished and is nearby to most of the public amenities around here.

Homestay d’Qaseh is another common choice with rooms starting from RM70 per night. Located in Rengit, it offers basic facilities and is known for its location you can enjoy a stay within the 4 rooms, corner lot home that starts from RM200 per day. Homestay Hekmah offers rooms in its single storey home that starts from RM150.

Homestay information in Johor

Johor is the southern state of Peninsular Malaysia which is the main gateway connecting the country with Singapore. Here is where many tourists come into and leave the country while many stay in Johor while visiting Singapore on daily trips and such. Hence, there are many accommodation choices ranging from upscale hotels to budget homestays. Most hotels are located within Johor Bahru which is the capital city of the state while hometays can be found in almost every other towns within the state. This include the likes of Batu Pahat, Segamat, Muar, Labis and many more. While most homestays offer accommodation and home facilities, some also offer value added services.

This is where you are able to enjoy meals like breakfasts, lunches and dinners which are home cooked as you would be living with the landlords of the units. Some homestay offers travel packages as well as transport services like car rentals for guests for convenience.


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