Lot 10 Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur

Lot 10 shopping centre is quite an iconic mall in Kuala Lumpur. It is built on the land which used to house the infamous BB Park which was famous during the 1960s. Lot 10 was once one of the top shopping centres in the city before the rise of mega-sized malls that came around during the 1990s.

The modern icon of Bukit Bintang

Lot 10 has in recent years reinvented itself and continues to stay relevant in light of the highly competitive shopping sector. Today, Lot 10 stands on its own with a unique outlook that attracts its own set of customers. While there are malls that offer almost everything under one roof, Lot 10 offers a distinctive range of products and services which is connected to Sungei Wang Plaza via an overhead bridge.

New and contemporary stores in Lot 10

The Isetan Japan Store is a flagship brand in Lot 10. It was established since Lot 10 opened its doors as a standard department store. Today, it has been converted to be a premier Japan-based store that offer exclusive products and services from the country.

Shopping and dining options

Besides that, there are several floors of retail outlets that sell various types of brands. At the third floor of Lot 10 is where you can find all types of sporting goods in specialty stores. There is even an indoor basketball court here.

One very distinctive attraction about Lot 10 is in its food court known as Hutong Lot 10 located at the basement level. This is where there are some of the best hawker foods known around the Klang Valley which are congregated to offer customers with the best food within the comfort of a food court setting.


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