Sungei Wang Plaza

It is very common to associate Sungei Wang Plaza with shopping in Kuala Lumpur because among all the malls and shopping centres that are here, this one is one if not the oldest. Sungei Wang Plaza is located along Jalan Sultan Ismail where it is one of the best places to shop for just about anything under the sun.

Sungei Wang Plaza within the Golden Triangle

The more modern malls will be built with large spaces and tall ceilings and some grand designs but because Sungei Wang Plaza has been around for decades, it gives the shopper a very traditional and old-fashioned feel to it. As such, shopping in Sungei Wang can sometimes be chaotic as the shops are smaller and can be all over the place.

Newer shopping options at Sungei Wang

Sungei Wang Plaza used to have its own cinemas but has since lost out to the more modern Cineplex style entertainment. As such, it is now more known for the place to go if you are looking for more affordable things to buy.

All types of brands available

You might not find the upscale brands like Prada or LV here but you can surely find a lot others with a tighter budget. In fact, there are quite a lot of local branded goods here like Vincci as well as stand-alone boutiques operated by entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Souvenirs and Crafts

In recent years, there are a lot of shops in Sungei Wang Plaza that sells Malaysian souvenirs and crafts. This is because of the rising popularity of the mall as a tourist hotspot. Furthermore, its ideal location makes it easy to get around from one mall to another. Besides that, the food court here is a unique place for the visitor who likes to try local food in a more local setting.


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