Kelantan Homestay Guide

What you need to know about homestays in Kelantan

Kelantan is known to be one of the most culturally rich states in Malaysia where you are able to experience a unique traveling experience when coming here. There are many accommodation choices for those who are looking to stay here and see the city and the attractions. Homestay are one of the most common preferences here as travelers are able to see the daily activities of the people as well as to be part of the community in many ways.

In Kota Bharu, there are many homestay options where you re able to find many choices located in the city centre as well as in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Apart from that, all the major towns like Gua Musang, Kuala Krai, Pasir Puteh and others too offer a wide range of homestay options. Most of these provide basic facilities like lodging, air-conditioning, cooking facilities and such while some also offers meals like breakfasts and lunches too.

Tumpat homestay

The town of Tumpat is a unique place to visit. Here you are able to experience the local lifestyle and activities. Among some of the homestay choices here include a 1 storey 3 rooms house located at Jalan Kampung Besut. It is very conveniently located which is about 10 minutes drive to Kota Bharu. All the rooms are equipped with ceiling fans while air-conditioning is provided in the living room. Wi-fi internet access is also provided and rates start from RM180 per night.

At Homestay Taman Sri Rhu, there are 2 units here which provide all the basic facilities in its 3 bedroom layouts. Air-conditioning and fans are provided while there are also kitchen and cooking facilities too. Television, rice cooker, gas cooker and a refrigerator are included. The house starts from RM150 per night while rooms start from RM80 per night. The Homestay Resort Pantai Seri Tujuh also offers an ideal place to stay for families as it provides barbecue facilities if needed.

Tanah Merah homestay options

Tanah Merah offers many homestay options. Here you are able to find many affordable choices when visiting the town and mingling with the locals. The Homestay Tanah Merah Kelantan is a bungalow homestay choice that offers 3 rooms for rent. There is a dining and living room area and is located at Kampung Kechah Peleting Hilir which starts from RM90 per night.

The Pok C Bar Lodge is another popular choice and this is typically an exclusive and unique place to stay in its natural environment. Located in Kampung Jedok Tua, it is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city where it offers accommodation on its double storey bungalow setting. It offers a semi-dormitory concept where the upper floor offers up to 5 single beds. The living room is downstairs for travelers to mingle and relax that comes with a dining area, television, refrigerator and many others.

Rantau Panjang homestay

Rantau Panjang is a coastal town which is renowned among visitors for its seasonal attraction when the Leatherback turtles come to the shores to lay eggs. While you can choose to stay at the hotels and resorts here, there are also some affordable choices of homestay for a more unique experience. The Rantau Panjang Homestay offers 6 bedrooms with 4 being equipped with air-conditioning and is located very conveniently. It is very affordable as you can rent the whole house for RM500 per night and enjoy the facilities like television, dining table, ironing equipments and others.

The Rantau Panjang Guest House is located at Kampung Lubok Jong and is nearby to the Malaysia-Thailand border. The terrace house offers 3 bedrooms and start from RM200 per night. you could also head out to Kampung Bagus in the town area where a Bungalow House with 5 bedrooms are available for RM400 per night.

Pasir Puteh homestay

Pasir Puteh is one of the more popular choices when it comes to tourism in Kelantan. Here is where you are able to visit the various districts and villages that provide a unique choice of holiday. Homestay accommodation choices here include a guesthouse in Jalan Pasir Puteh main road that offers a bungalow home with 4 rooms at RM300 per night. Here, you are able to enjoy the facilities that include a refrigerator, washing machine, cooking facilities and others.

Located not far from the city center, you can also rent a bungalow along Kampung Padang Pa’Amat for RM200 per night which comes with 3 rooms, a living hall with television and sofa while other standard facilities include a kitchen, refrigerator and others. In Sri Aman Homestay, you can rent a terrace house from RM200 per night. There are 3 units of these homes available while a bungalow house is available in Kampung Pak Badol.

Kuala Krai homestay

Kuala Krai is one of the major towns in Kelantan. It is known for its traditional environment where homestay choices here include the Wan Homestay Seri Warisan. Located along Taman Warisan Bukit Sireh, you could stay in the comfortable home which comes with basic facilities like kitchen, living room and dining areas. The house can be rented for RM150 while each room will start from RM50 per night.

Sazli Homestay in Sri Anjung is another affordable choice that  provides 4 bedrooms and start from RM250 per night. The air-conditioned rooms start from RM90 per night while the non air-conditioned rooms are at RM70 per night. The price can be further negotiated if you rent for more than 4 days. Among the facilities here are the 2 bathrooms, television, ironing facilities, living and dining rooms, free tea and coffee facilities and breakfast is included. There is also a large parking space while the operator also offers car rental services too.

Kota Bharu homestay

Kota Bharu is the state capital of Kelantan and this is where it is the main transportation and commercial center of the state. As it is the central location here, there are many hotels and accommodation choices that you can stay in. The Seri Anggerik Rest House is one homestay choice located in Wakaf Che Yeh. It is a single storey, 3 room bungalow house which can accommodate up to 18 people and rates start from RM150 per night. All the rooms are air-conditioned.

Homestay Desa, which is located not too far from here also provides air-conditioned rooms that start from RM150 per night. Facilities here include kitchen and cooking equipments, refrigerator, Wi-fi internet access and can fit up to 20 people. The Rumah Tamu Al-ukhuwwah is a bungalow home that starts from RM200 per night with facilities that include cooking, television, refrigerator and microwave. Located in Lorong Surau Kota is Kayumas Homestay and it comes in the form of chalet studios that start from RM90 per night while Pelangi Homestay is a condominium style homestay that starts from RM250 per night.

Homestay Renok Baru homestay

As the name implies this particular homestay is located at Kampung Batu Renok and compared to the other homestays found in Malaysia, this village produces a wide range of herbs and spices, especially that of the misai kucing leaves (orthosiphon stamineus) which is then harvested to make special brews. The drink that is made from the misai kucing leaf is said to be good for the body’s immune system and has been drunk by the locals here for many centuries.

Once you have arrived here then take time to enjoy the quiet and calming environment that only a village is capable of creating especially that of Kampung Batu Renok. If you are a craft enthusiasts then you have certainly have found the right place to spend your time as the villagers here make their own vase, baskets and other household decorations. What is more interesting is that they do it out of old newspapers, so this would certainly be an interesting way to spend your time to see how they make such items.

Don’t feel shy and warm up to the friendly people in the village, there are many activities lined up for the guests and you would definitely not want to miss out on them.

Homestay Kubang Telaga, Bachok

Before you even arrive at the village, the sounds of the kertok, a traditional musical instrument already fills the air. This traditional instrument is often heard during special occasions and also played to welcome guests, the kertok is a very uniquely shaped instrument and who knows if you are really interested in learning on how to play one, maybe the villagers can teach you and before you leave the village , you have already become an expert.

Traditional pastimes are well persevered in these parts of the country, as such it is not surprising that you will still be able to find gasing (a traditional form of a top) and iron-making, both that are meticulously made by hand. When you are in the village, go visit the gasing maker and watch how he creates his finest gasing and then learn how to play with it as that is even an unique experience.

Or even watching iron-making can be enjoyable affair, witness as how the small sickles (parang) and even the kris are made, the kris basically represents the epitome of Malay culture. Certainly an eye-opening experience especially for those who have never encountered such a culture before and even for those who have, it is like experiencing something new each and every time.

Homestay Kampung Kemunchup

Homestay Kampung Kemunchup is a place of lively culture and some where that visitor will be able to experience a truly authentic Malay hospitality. Age old traditions are still practised in these parts of the the country and if you are a tourist looking to experience what kind of culture Kelantan has to offer then make your way to Kampung Kemunchup.

Another interesting aspect about Kelantan is a popular sport that is famous in this state, known as tomoi or kick-boxing, the Kelantanese take their passion for this sport so seriously that they have been known to represent Malaysia in the international arena. Take the opportunity to witness what Malaysia or rather what Kelantan has to offer because you will definitely be pleasnatly surprised.

If you are into martial arts then Kelantan is also the perfect place for you to spend your time, silat which a traditional form of self-defence is practised all over Malaysia but in Kelantan is where you will be able to find some of the best silat practitioners in the country. Here at Homestay Kampung Kemunchup, you will find that every corner of the village has something to offer you. So sit back, relax and enjoy the various local activities and don’t forget about the cuisines as well because nothing can compare to what Kelantan has to offer your tummy.

Homestay Jelawang

Your visit to Homestay Jelawang will certainly be a refreshing experience, this is because you are actually just staying a few minutes away from the Stong Mountains, which is the tallest waterfall in Asia. The cooling mountain air that slowly drifts into the village will make you forget that you are actually staying in Malaysia. Jelawang is also located 45km away from Gua Musang another interesting attraction that you should not miss out on when you are staying here.

Besides that waterfall there are various activities available here that will sure make your stay here a pleasant experience. Of course, there is also the Gunung Stong State Park which will offer outdoor lovers some exciting activities as well. You can explore the mountains (but make sure you ask the locals to guide you), catch fish along the Kelantan river and try the various fruits unique to Malaysia when they are in season.

The lifestyle here is certainly different from what you maybe usually accustomed to, instead of the fast paced lifestyle or the hustle and bustle of the city, life at Jelawang leans toward the slow lane. So savour the moment and take this precious memory back with you to share with your family and friends.

Homestay Bukit Jering

Homestay Bukit Jering is well-known for its agricultural production, produce which can be found here includes long beans, star fruits and tamarind. Tamarind is usually sold after they are dried which then can be used for cooking. The village itself is located about 90 km for the capital of Kelantan, Kota Bahru.

Another agricultural produce that is cultivated here is the agarwood which is a highly sought after ingredient used in the making of perfumes. The fragrant smell of the agarwood envelopes the village but the smell is not overpowering so you will be in a constant state of peacefulness. Bukit Jering is definitely a place that will offer you an unique experience that combines the culture of the village as well as the agriculture industry.

In Bukit Jering, the traditional Malay culture is very much prevalent and you will definitely be able to experience the richness that you can only find in such villages. Hence, authentic Malay cuisines will be served for the duration of your stay, so make sure you savour each and every dish that is served to you because you will not find it anywhere else. Among that activities that you will find here includes the dikir barat, kertok, silat, nasyid and other forms of traditional dances.

Gua Musang homestay

Gua Musang provides a unique experience for the traveler to Kelantan. This is because of its scenic landscape and peaceful environment which is rich with nature. There are several choices of accommodation when visiting Gua Musang. Among the homestays here include the Shaza Homestay which is located in Taman Kesedar Jaya which is a Semi-detached house. Rental starts from RM150 per night and it is known for its strategic location and has 3 rooms for rental. The GM Homestay is another option which is a single storey, 3 room house.

Facilities here include a refrigerator, Astro television, washing machine, kitchen and cooking facilities, air-conditioning and others. It is also very near to the Gua Musang town center as well. The Kampung Blok Ulu Kusial Homestay offers a Malay village setting where you can experience the local lifestyle and community living. Here is where you are welcomed to walk around the nature’s trail or join in the daily activities of the locals.


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