A place for animal lovers

One of the highlights about visiting Malaysia or touring around the country is that you are welcomed by rich flora and fauna. Besides that, there are a lot of places with great environments for animal lovers in their most natural habitat.

Welcome to the animal paradise

Are you searching for some place where you know for sure the animals and wildlife creatures are protected and safe? Then animal lovers will find great solace within Jenderak Seladang & Deer Captive Breeding Centre beautifully located in Temerloh.

History of the sanctuary

First opened its door in 1982, the centre was established with only one sole purpose in mind – to provide a safe and protected sanctuary for vulnerable and endangered animal species. Stretched on 20 hectares of land, the protected animals here are classified as vulnerable by the government.

Great study tour about these animals

A study tour to the breeding centre offers a great opportunity for students to stay close to the nature and get to know more about rare animal species such as wild cattle. Seladang (wild cattle), reputed as the country second largest mammal after elephant is free to roam around in the vast rainforest habitats here surrounded by amazing lowland river valleys. The wild cattle in the breeding centre are fed natural vegetation. Meanwhile, sambar deer will feed themselves on paddock grasses.

The centre is highly recommended for students involved in wildlife management and veterinary science. Located just 25 kilometres from Bandar Temerloh, the centre is easily accessible by road. Similar to any other enchanted nature sites, visitors can get involved in other exciting activities such as trekking, fishing and camping.


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