A discrete hideaway of Sungai Lembing Town

A discrete peaceful little hamlet in the wonderful hills, Sungai Lembing offers fantastic natural surroundings with plenty of exciting activities which you’ll never forget. The town located about 45 kilometres away northwest of Kuantan in the gentle rolling hillside is an ideal place for visitors to catch a glimpse of the past.

Rustic environment in Sungai Lembing

Visitors and tourists alike can enjoy nostalgic remnants such as the tree-lined town square and the letter box of British era. And don’t forget to check out the pride of the town, four-wheel coach and restaurant that was once a favourite hangout spot for tin miners within the vicinity.

History at the museum

Fill your day with simple pleasures by starting your journey to Sungai Lembing Museum. Open daily during office hours, the museum was built recently to exhibit various artifacts and equipments used by tin miners decades ago for operations in the biggest underground mine here.

Head on to Kolong Pahat

Continue your journey of joy ahead and saunter in some of the hanging bridges in Sungai Lembing. Remember not to miss Kolong Pahat since this is one of the more popular bridges within the area. Experience walking on the oldest hanging bridge of Kolong Pahat from tree to tree while enjoying the chilly breeze.

Panorama Hill

Ensure that you have sufficient time to pay a visit to the key attraction in Sungai Lembing – Panorama Hill. Enjoy those magical times of the day during sunset or sunrise right from the panoramic hill. But for those less sporty visitors, bear in mind that you are required to climb a flight of concrete stairs in order to get to the top. Nature lovers and visitors who are looking forward for a tranquil climbing experience will be mesmerized as you catch a glimpse of sunset or sunrise from the top of the impressive hill. Ladies or perhaps, health conscious travelers can head over to the all-natural hot spring situated about 300 metres from the fun Deer Farm. After a visit down at the farm, sit by the lake and enjoy the view while picnicking with the loved ones.

Get close to the deer

Sungai Jin’s Deer Farm is something you should not miss especially families with kids because visitors can find out everything you want to know about deer originally from Mauritius and Australia. Kids would definitely love the tame deer as they can play with them and watch their every movement. The other two must visit attractions within the area are Sungai Mas Aboriginal Settlement and Gunung Tapis Park.

The Sungai Mas Aboriginal Settlement

Sungai Mas Aboriginal Settlement offers exhilarating pursuits such as blow piping and visiting the unique bamboo house. Experienced hikers, trek along the challenging trail here that requires you to cross a river and join the adrenaline-pumping activity, shooting rapids on rafts before you head home. Sungai Lembing town is the place where you can truly have all the fun and de-stress before you head home.


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