Flight Survival Tips

Perhaps, in a few days time, you will board the plane and fly off to your preferred destination. You may have talk to a traveling agency and book tours even before you arrive at your holiday destination.

Flying can be quite challenging

However, before you start your unforgettable journey in other countries, take note on several flight survival tips particularly if you want to survive long haul flights. If you have book economy seats, then above everything else, check that you have what it takes to survive and feel refreshed once you step down the plane. Here are some flight survival tips to guide you throughout your journey.

Tip 1: Wear shoes on-board

Wanting to go to the lavatory for you can no longer hold in the pee? Okay, you need to go to the loo right now and first things first. Wear your shoes before running off to the lavatory for you do not want to step on the splashes or puddles of water on the lavatory floor. Of course, you do not want to enter the germ-infested lavatory used by hundreds of other passengers in bare feet, right? In addition to that, it is advisable to use paper towel to turn the door knob and most importantly, use the seat liner provided to line the lavatory seats. Even though the stewardess assured you that they clean the lavatory constantly, it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence, protect yourselves against bacteria and germs.

Tip 2: Use airport restroom before boarding the plane

In fact, if you want to avoid using the lavatory on the plane, minutes before you board the plane, use the airport restroom. Of course, the airport restroom is much more spacious than the small and compact lavatory on board. Besides, you do not want to hold in your pee and queue for your turn to use the lavatory on the plane. Okay, even if you think there’s no need to visit the airport restroom, still you should go into it few minutes before you board the plane. Well, just in case.

Tip 3: Prepare basic toiletries

Prior to boarding your plane, check the liquid security restrictions imposed by airport. It is highly recommended to bring basic toiletries (and that includes toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant) to clean yourself especially on long haul flights. In Malaysia, you are supposed to separate these items (less than 100 ml) and put it into zip-top/transparent white plastic. But bear in mind, if you are thinking of cleaning yourself in the lavatory on board, do not spend too long or take your own sweet time to freshen up. After all, hundreds of passengers are probably queuing to use the lavatory. Instead, you should freshen up once you arrive at your destination and use the airport restrooms.

Tip 4: Bring along sweaters or jackets on board

For first time travelers, bring along jackets or sweaters when you board the plane. At times, it is extremely cold in the plane and you will definitely feel uncomfortable throughout the journey. Yes, they do provide blankets for passengers’ convenience. But most of the time, it is not sufficient to warm your body. Thus, it is advisable to bring or wear layers of clothing to warm your body. This tip is even more important if you are travelling with kids.

Tip 5: Move around

If you are travelling on long haul flights, take actions now to prevent blood clot. Bear in mind that your clothing will also affect your blood circulation. If possible, try to wear loose t-shirts and pants. Stretch from time to time or you may even walk around in circles every hour to prevent from blood clotting. Moving around or doing simple exercises help to reduce fatigue and promote blood circulation. For elderly citizens, you may face difficulty walking or moving around on board. No worries as you can just massage your muscles particularly your legs. Other than that, adults can also suck or chew sweets throughout the flight.

Tip 6: Sucking and chewing gums or sweets

The pressure changes once the plane take off or landing. For those with low blood pressure, suck boiled sweets or chew gums to help prevent ear popping. Other effective methods to prevent ear popping include yawning and sipping drinks. Parents are encouraged to let infants suck their bottles or pacifier. Additional tip for all – please do not travel if you catch a cold or have fever. Unless you have no other choice, you may take oral decongestant when the plane takes off and during landing.

Tip 7: Bring iPod or board games

It can be boring on board if you have nothing to fill up the time. You can only rely on the in-flight magazines and newspapers to cure your boredom. But with the advancement of technology today, you can bring your iPod or other IT gadgets such as MP3 and laptop along. Meanwhile, kids can bring Scrabble, Monopoly and other board games to fill up your time on the plane. Avid book reader, bring a good book as your traveling companion. These items are meant to be your back-up tools to fill up the time if you do not want to watch programmes on the in-flight TV.

Tip 8: Pre-book your meals before travelling

This is one of the most important factors to ensure you enjoy your travelling experience. For vegetarians, pre-booking your meals prior to the flight is crucial as once you board the plane; it is rather hard to get vegetarian food for you. In addition to that, passengers also enjoy discounts if they pre-book meals (applicable for no frills airline).

Now that you have read all the important tips to help you survive long haul flights, you’ll get to enjoy your journey to holiday destinations. So, start your journey with a smile.


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