Christmas Day is held on the 25th of November every year across the world. It is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a commemorative and symbolic date as the actual birth date is still unknown.

Most significant date for Christians

Christians, including Catholics commemorate Christmas day in large scales across the world. This is the same in Malaysia where church bells are heard and churches congregate to remember the birth of Christ and the joy that He brought to the world.

How is Christmas celebrated?

For centuries, Christmas has been celebrated with much fanfare where presents are given and opened, turkeys are consumed and parties are filled with drinks and people being merry. In the churches meanwhile, a more solemn mood is usually found with hymns and prayer.

Date of Christmas

Christmas day is held in accordance to the Gregorian calendar. It is deemed as the most important day for the Christian faith which signify the birth of the Saviour. Each church usually has their own traditions on how Christmas is celebrated. It includes fasting, singing, caroling and such.

Common practices of Christmas

During Christmas Day, Christians will go to their church in the early hours of the morning where they will have a session of worship and praise. After that, there will usually be a feast either in the church or at the homes of families and friends.
People from other faiths usually visit Christians at their open houses during Christmas or on the days before or after this festival. Besides Christians, it is very common to see pubs and clubs having Christmas parties during the eve of this festival. This is where party-goers will be drinking till the wee hours of morning where they will then countdown to Christmas Day which will lead to New Year’s Day a week later.