A paradise for beach-goers

Malaysia offers a great variety of sandy beaches with azure blue water to lure sea lovers and those who are seeking adrenaline-pumping water sports activities.

Beaches around Malaysia

The beach with many coconut palms all over the bay is an ideal spot for family vacation as there are tons of exhilarating water sports pursuits available such as scuba diving, lobster hunting, banana boating, swimming, wind surfing, canoeing and snorkeling. Sit back and enjoy the magical moments of mind-blowing scene of sunrise and sunset. You can never resist diving underwater for the abundance and diversity of virgin coral reefs.

Lanjut Beach, Pahang

One of the featured attractions widely promoted by Pahang state government is Lanjut Beach that is beautifully situated along the southern coast of the state. Reputed as one of the most enchanting unspoilt beach, visitors and travelers need not worry about accommodation because plenty of budget and luxurious hotels and chalets can be found within the area. Renowned for fresh water prawns, this outdoor activity has always been a favourite past time pursuit among locals and foreigners.

Teluk Chempedak, Pahang

Another charming beach ideally located only about five kilometres from Kuantan – Teluk Chempedak is highly recommended for beach lovers. Those who are looking forward for a wonderful weekend to escape the rigors of city life can head over to this beach for there are a couple of luxurious and modern world-class hotels. On top of that, this is also regarded as a marvelous beach for exciting water sports activities such as surfing, jet skiing and surfing. Located nearby is the tranquil and shady Pelindung Beach. However, beachgoers need to walk through the dense Teluk Chempedak Forest Reserve to get to the heavenly beach.

Teluk Tongkan

Adventurous trekkers who are game for an exhilarating experience can stroll to the mini zoo in Taman Teruntum because those who have been there commented that the route is rather challenging and offers some ‘real-jungle’ environment. Since you are around Teluk Chempedak, remember to allocate some time to check out the discrete cape – Teluk Tongkang. The rocky outcrops on both sides offer a serene surrounding for one to escape from the crowded beach.

Chendor Beach

For a real tranquil and serene beach, head down to Chendor Beach right at the border of Terengganu and Pahang. The white sandy beach under swaying palm trees is perfect for families and friends to enjoy a beautiful afternoon on a picnic. The beach is often crowded during the weekend and school holidays because day trippers would spend the day here before heading over to other destinations. The one highlight of the trip to Chendor Beach happens between May and September every year because visitors find it interesting when giant leatherback turtles crawl to the beach quietly when the darkness falls to lay their eggs.

Beserah Village

Renowned as a picturesque and peaceful fishing village, the one must buy product from Beserah is none other than salted fish. Usually, day trippers would stop by right here to purchase traditional crackers such as crispy keropok kering and keropok lekor as well as the well-known dried salted fish. But the next time you are here, try to ask around the location of Beserah Beach. You’ll be surprised to find that the beach is charming and lovely at the same as you can see water buffaloes used to transport fish from the boats to particular processing area. Do you know that Beserah is the only town in Malaysia that is still using buffalo on the beach? Therefore, do not miss out the opportunity to visit the beach. The beach is easily accessible via Kuantan or Kemaman.

Balok Beach

Regarded as a paradise for enthusiastic wind surfers, Balok Beach is somewhat similar to other beaches in Pahang. The beach is particularly crowded during the annual wind surfing regatta. Hence, visitors would notice that the hotels surrounding the lovely beach are lively during that season. The crystal clear water, swaying casuarinas, sounds of bird chirping and the long stretch of white sandy beach is an ideal spot for one to get away from hustle and bustle of city life. Just rest, relax and unwind right here at Balok Beach. And here are some the activities to do when you’re bored – snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing, sailing and swimming. Pahang is indeed a paradise for beach-goers with the abundance of fascinating beaches.


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