Tioman Island Online

Tioman Island is not known to be one of the most ‘beautiful islands in the world’ for no reason. If you are looking for beauty and tranquillity, you can guarantee to find it here. This is where there will be white, sandy beaches, super, clear waters and some of the best resorts you can find in the entire country.

Top tourist spots in Tioman

Beaches – This is the most significant attraction you will find in Tioman Island. You will find that most of the beaches are usually connected to a village. This simply means that you get to enjoy the best of the seaside while wandering into the traditional communities of the people ehere.

ABC or Air Batang

Air Batang or more fondly known as ABC is just a few minutes walk from the coast. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a more rustic and quiet place, Juara beach offers you a quaint and peaceful environment. You know you are in for a treat as you are welcomed by a row of small huts and hammocks.

Genting with many beaches

At Genting, you will be welcomed by a narrower strip of beaches. Here, you will find a lot of granite boulders which are simply spectacular. If you like to take walks, Genting beach will be your best option.

Things to do around here

Golf – If you are a golfer and would like to enjoy a game amidst the sea breeze and the sea side, then head out to the Tioman Island Golf Course. This is where you can choose between the 2 courses designed by top international golfers.

Turtles – Like most east coast islands, Tioman has its own Turtle conservation project. This is called the Juara Turtle Project where the centre is open for visitors. You can choose to volunteer to help out in this centre and be part of a bigger good.

Waterfalls – If you like to visit the peaceful ponds and gushing waters, then you will like the Asah Waterfalls. Known as the Mukut falls, it is where the 1958 movie South Pacific was shot. To get here, you can take water taxis which will be a great experience.

Malaysia’s best Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Destination

There are a lot of very exciting locations to go if you like snorkelling or scuba diving. Diving here is among the top activities where you will find some of the most beautiful corals and underwater creatures. Whether you are a seasoned diver or one who is starting out, there are many operators here that offer PADI courses and other excursions.

Meanwhile, snorkelling is available at most resorts and hotels. There are several operators located along the beaches who can rent out snorkelling gear at affordable rates. Take some time to dive in and swim with the water creatures where you can spot some very beautiful fishes and even baby sharks.

Other activities around Tioman

Jungles – If you like to take a break from the waters and the sun, then you can head out to the jungle for some trekking. This is where you can spend some time enjoying the sights and sounds of the glorious flora and fauna of the island. There are many paths and treks that have been designed for people in every level. This includes the Tekek-ABC trail which is the shortest around here.

If you are in for something more extreme, try out the Tekek-Juara trek where you will be cutting across most parts of the island.

Mountain Climbing – The Gunung Kajang is the highest peak here. You can choose either one of the 2 tracks available to reach the top. Be mindful of what you bring as the trails can be quite challenging.

Adventure – Apart from all that have been mentioned, you can actually go on your own adventure around Tioman Island by renting a bicycle or a motorbike which can be as low as RM20 per vehicle per day.


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