School holidays in Malaysia

Significant Days celebrated by Malaysians
May 19, 2017

Each year, the national (government schools) in Malaysia have term holidays. This is held in accordance to the national education curriculum which is practiced across the country. The school holidays in Malaysia is practiced in all government schools including private institutions that follow the national curriculum. It is not applicable for international schools although some establishments do follow this calendar.

Different dates for different states

It must be noted that not all states in Malaysia observes the same dates when it comes to school holidays. School holidays start a day earlier (Friday) and ends on a Saturday of that week for the following states:

  1. Kedah
  2. Kelantan
  3. Terengganu
  4. Johor

School terms in Malaysia

There are in general 2 school terms in Malaysia where there is a short break in between. The dates for 2017 are as follow:

  1. 18.03.2017 – 26.03.2017
  2. 27.05.2017 – 11.06.2017
  3. 26.08.2017 – 3.09.2017
  4. 25.11.2017 – 1.1.2018

The school term starts in the beginning of January. This goes on slightly less than 3 months before the school gets a short 1 week break in March. Students will then be sitting for their first term examinations before they enjoy the term holidays which goes on for 2 weeks.
After that, school resumes for another 2 months before a mid-term break comes around for a week around August/ September. The school term then resumes until the end of the year. In between, the school closes for certain public examinations.
The final examinations will then take place before the school closes for the year. This is when students will enjoy the long holidays which come around late November and goes on until early the next year.