Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya or more commonly referred to as PJ comprises mostly residential and industrial areas. With an estimated population of over 630,000, PJ was granted city status in 2006.
Located in the central part of Selangor, this is one very significant and important satellite city that connects Kuala Lumpur with some of the major places around Selangor.

Facts about Petaling Jaya

  1. Currency: MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)
  2. Dialling code: In Petaling Jaya, you will need to use the +603 prefix if you are calling the local numbers while respective telcos will have their own pre-determined prefixes
  3. Airport: The nearest airport to Petaling Jaya is the Subang International Airport that travels to most domestic cities and several international destinations. However, the KLIA and klia2 airports serve this city as well.
  4. Airport Tax: applies for both domestic and international flights
  5. Distance from airport to city centre: From Petaling Jaya, Subang International Airport is only about 10 minutes drive away. The distance to KLIA/ klia2 meanwhile is about 50 kms away.
  6. Temperature: Petaling Jaya has similar temperature with most places around Peninsular Malaysia which is about 25 and 36 degrees Celsius annually
  7. Climate and Weather: Tropical with high humidity
  8. Common languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Chinese and Tamil

Transportation in Petaling Jaya

You can reach Petaling Jaya from Subang Airport using taxis which is about RM15 per ride. Airport taxis from KLIA/ klia2 are available from RM90. Using Grab or Uber services would be cheaper and a lot more convenient.

Highlights around Petaling Jaya

Tourists attractions around Petaling Jaya include:

  1. the Kota Darul Ehsan Arch – This is one of the most iconic structures in the country. Known to be the official gate into Petaling Jaya (and Selangor if you coming in from Kuala Lumpur), the marble was built to signify Kuala Lumpur becoming a Federal Territory.
  2. Wat Chetawan Temple – One of the most significant Thai Buddhist temples in the country, it is located along Jalan Gasing which is known to be around for more than 40 years now.
  3. Gasing Hill – This is one of the most popular hiking trails that attract hundreds of people every day. Come during the weekends and you will find a lot of hikers and mountain climbers here. One of the few remaining green lungs of the city, it is known to house more than 100 types of birds and many other wildlife animals.
  4. Kelana Jaya Lake Park – Known to be one of the largest ones around here, you will find people jogging and enjoying the sights while there is a swimming pool nearby as well.
  5. Shopping – Petaling Jaya will never be short of options if you are into shopping. Sunway Pyramid, Jaya Shopping Center, Digital Mall, Amcorp Mall, The Atria, Tropicana City Mall are just some of the most popular names when it comes to shopping here.

Foods around Petaling Jaya

What can we say about foods in Petaling Jaya except that you will find all types of cuisines here. Among those that are hugely popular include:

  1. Fatty Crab Restaurant
  2. William Mamak Stall
  3. SS2 Fatty Duck Rice
  4. Chong Kee Claypot Chicken Rice
  5. Banana Leaf Dot Com Restaurant

One of the most developed cities in Malaysia

Hence, PJ remains one of the most developed non-capital cities in the country over the last few decades. It was the very first planned town in the country since 1954. In the last few decades, developers developed more luxury and posh residential housing areas namely:

  1. Damansara
  2. Bandar Utama
  3. Kota Damansara
  4. Damansara Perdana
  5. and Damansara Impian.

Convenient and accessible

Visitors and tourists can get in and around town without trouble because you can simply hire a cab or take a bus. Perhaps, if you would like to avoid traffic, then use Kelana Jaya Line that stops in several stations such as Taman Jaya, Asia Jaya, Taman Bahagia, Taman Paramount and Kelana Jaya. Kota Darul Ehsan arch is the one remarkable architecture that sets the boundary between capital city Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Beautifully designed along Federal Highway, motorists can catch a glimpse of this arch from afar.

Since PJ is more commonly known as a residential area, it is not a famous tourist destination due to limited attractions. But nonetheless, once you are in the area, remember to pay a visit to Thai Wat Chetawan temple somewhere near Taman Jaya Station. Reputed as the only authentic-design Thai temple in Klang Valley area, Buddhist community loved this religious temple very much. Located along the same road from this Thai temple is the one remaining forest reserve area in PJ known as Gasing Hill. This panoramic green hill is ideal for nature lovers and those who are looking for a tranquil resting picnic area. Finally, Kelana Jaya Lake Park with a total of seven impressive lakes is perfect for joggers to spend some quality time after a hard day at work.


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