Port Dickson

Port Dickson, being a major seaside city along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia has one of the most hotels and resorts in a single place. Along here, you can find budget hotels like Hotel Suria as well as world-class resorts like Lexis Hibiscus and Avillion Resort.

Budget Accommodation in Port Dickson

You can very much get a decent place to stay in Port Dickson if you prefer to go out all the time. Spending time around the seaside or enjoying the local seafood means you only need a basic room to stay in.

  1. Hotel Suria – Located at Port Dickson Waterfront which is not far from the beaches, this hotel has rooms from as low as RM50 per night
  2. My Family Hotel – One of the top choices among budget travelers, this hotel is a great option but is located in Lukut about 20 minutes away. Rooms are about RM60 per night
  3. Sea Front Hotel Port Dickson – Rooms here are about RM70 per night where you get an attached bathroom and some in-room facilities

Mid-range hotels

Naturally, a lot of hotels in Port Dickson are at the mid-range prices. This is where you will find rooms that are quite spacious, your own private bathroom, free Wi-Fi and some come with breakfast too.

  1. Merlott Hotel – Rooms here start at RM80 per night. Its location is in Lukut town which means you have to travel a bit to the seaside but great food is nearby
  2. Clover Hotel – This hotel is at Port Dickson Waterfront which is not far from the city center. Rooms are available for rent from RM85 per night
  3. Grandpa Hotel – Located in Lukut, rooms here are nice and comes with free breakfast. Rates are about RM85 per night
  4. Merlin Hotel – This hotel is at the PD Waterfront. Rooms are available at RM100 per night which is quite a good bargain
  5. Sunshine Bay Resort – If you like to stay in an apartment style option, the Jessy 1 Bedroom Apartment is available from RM110 onwards
  6. Mirage PD Hotel – This hotel is available with rooms from RM110 per night. It is located in Kampung Si Rusa which is about 10 minutes away from the city center
  7. Win Win Boutique Hotel – Rooms in this hotel starts at RM160 per night. You get to enjoy the seaside nearby with great convenience
  8. Port Dickson Golf & Country Club – At times, rooms in this place go as low as RM150 per night but otherwise, it is one of the best places to stay in.

Top range hotels

If you are looking for resorts and more luxurious living around Port Dickson, there are a lot of options to choose from as many people like to come here for a weekend getaway.

  1. Holiday PD Marina Resort – One of the very established resorts here, you are slightly out of the city center with rooms at about RM200 per night.
  2. Island Beach Port Dickson – Rooms are available here at about RM170 per night. Located in Taman Haji Zainal, you are not far from the city center
  3. Waterfront Boutique Hotel – Great place to stay in with food and shops within an arm’s length. Rooms are about RM160 per night
  4. Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson – Perhaps one of the most luxurious places in the country. Rooms come with your own private pool here. Rates for a night start at about RM700 per night
  5. Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel – One of the mainstays and popular choices in Port Dickson. You get to enjoy some of the best facilities here from RM260 a night
  6. Corus Seaview Port Dickson – Rooms are available here from RM300 a night

Top Pick

Among the many hotels and resorts in Port Dickson, our top pick here is at the Lexis Hibiscus. It is among the most expensive hotels to stay in but once you get there, you would not want to leave. Besides having your own private pool, you have everything else you need under one roof. This includes a food court, water sports and even a helicopter ride if you want.

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