Cameron Highlands

Brinchang and Tanah Rata have the most hotels

Where as, for others they do need to hunt around and see which accommodation is affordable and fit their budget. If visitors can afford more, they can choose a hotel resort provides with best facilities and services.For instance, the Crown Imperial Court Cameron Highlands Apartment, over there the environment is just simply wonderful! Besides thinking of budgets, visitors must think of which town to stay either in Tanah Rata or Brinchang, therefore, visitors must consider before the trip starts.As for visitors without transportation, Tanah Rata would be the best option. With a bigger township, visitors can visits more shops and amenities.

Cameron Homestay

If you opt for a homestay, you will be staying in a local home. There are several options in the manner where you can choose to rent the whole house to yourself or stay with a local family.It is highly recommended to stay with a local family where you basically rent out a room and follow the daily routines of the family. This simply means that you wake up about the same time, eat together and you can even follow their daily chores as well.In most cases, you will enjoy basic facilities and services but it is the experience that will be most valuable where you will need to observe the local customs, mannerisms and religious practices so as not to offend anyone during your term of stay here.

Transportation available from all hotels

Visitors need not to worry about transportation, because the taxi stand and bus terminal is located nearby, therefore is convenient for visitors to move around. On the other hand, the Brinchang town seems smaller.If visitors owns vehicle, parking may be an issue due to the lack of parking space. If visitors tend to stay at luxury hotels, they will be provided with parking facility; therefore visitors need not to worry about.

Budget hotels below RM50

In the end, its still depends on visitors whether they prefer which to stay. As for visitors who worried with budget and looking for a no frills place to live, visitors can check out the budget hotels in Cameron Highlands which are priced below RM 50.It is advisable to check out their room condition before visitors decide to stay. Visitors must be aware of peak season, where those rooms can be fully booked during the holiday breaks and price will increase, and if public holiday happens to be on weekend, it will be not easy to get a room at a short time. At least, visitors must book at least a month in advance for bookings.Where as for the five star hotels’ reservation is just simple by phone call. However, they will request for credit card details just to hold your reservation, and visitors can just cancel the booking as long it is not close to the arrival date. Nonetheless, you may be charge a little for the cancellation fee.

Book online or bank transfer for deposit

As for the tourist category and budget category class hotels and accommodations, visitor will need to pay in advance. Nevertheless visitors is in Malaysia , is easy for visitors to bank in the amount into their account and faxing the bank slip over to the hotel for prove.Visitors can do the same if visitors are at overseas, however bank charges will be more. However, there’s no online booking for certain types of accommodations. Well, the price will be between RM60 to RM120 per night. Perhaps visitors can always find local travel agent to make the arrangement for visitors.

Apartments suitable for family

The selective accommodation available will depends on who they work with in order to provide the accommodation. Where as, for those visitors plan for whole family trip for holidays, the apartments would be a better choice.There are various types of apartment, such as commercial ones and private, which for renting out. Normally the price will range from RM 200 to RM 500 or more per night.

Bungalow accommodations available as well

Here’s an idea there are competitors between the hotel accommodations, which is why there will be attractive promotion offers for visitors, who knows maybe visitors can stand a chance get a good price. Of courses there bungalows available too in Cameron Highlands and also offers rooms for visitors to stay, however, the rooms offered are limited. There’s advantage in staying in bungalows, which is breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared by the owners.

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