Malaysia Top Resorts

Resort is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation suitable for leisure seekers as well as holiday makers. Resorts are usually operated by a single company and it comes with various entertainment outlets on the premises such as sports, shopping, lodging and food and beverage.

Generally, there are few types of resorts available in Malaysia such as hill resort, destination resort and all-inclusive resort. You can select variety of resorts available nationwide ranging from luxury five-star to inexpensive budget accommodation.

Chilling weather Hill resorts

Hill resorts in the country that offer cool temperature makes it a popular hotspot highland resort not only among locals but also overseas tourists. There are four hill resorts located in Pahang namely Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill and Bukit Tinggi. Meanwhile, Perak has only one hill resort which is Bukit Larut, Taiping.

Genting Highlands located 1,800 metres above sea level is an all-inclusive resort that offers convention halls, cable car facilities, theme parks, unlimited food, casino and plenty other entertainment at a fixed price.

Commonly known as City of Entertainment, Genting Highlands is accessible via highway or you can even take a bus to reach up the hill from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur to be able to enjoy various exciting attractions and modern facilities under one roof.

Visitors flock into Genting Highlands during holiday season as the nation’s one and only casino is located here. Families can escape for a weekend getaway here as it offers plenty of attractions suitable for adults and kids. Most importantly, you can enjoy best services in these world-class resorts.

Meanwhile, for those who would like to enjoy a cup of English tea served with the best scones in the country, Cameron Highlands is definitely your choice of holiday destination. There are plenty of resorts located here including scenic Cameron Highlands resort, picturesque Century Pines Resort and superb Strawberry Park Resorts.

You can indulge in various activities available from golfing to sightseeing at tea plantation, cactus garden and bee farm. Cameron Highlands is easily accessible via NKVE Expressway.

Fraser’s Hill is an ideal resort destination for those who would like to try outdoor activities such as camping, horse riding, and jungle trekking and fishing. Founded by Louis James Fraser, this hill resort remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Malaysia. Generally, Fraser’s Silverpark Resort and Jelai Highlands Resort are the most beautiful resorts available here.

The last resort in Pahang – Bukit Tinggi Resort is the perfect getaway for families as the charming Berjaya Hills Resort, replica of Colmar Village in France and Japanese Village offers a variety of interesting and educational spots. Adults can try golfing or archery while kids can visit the nearby rabbit park and try to ride on donkeys.

Islands and Beach Resort

For international standard resort, leisure seekers can check out Sipadan Water Village Resort. This luxurious diving resort in Borneo is suitable for honeymooners, sun and island seekers as well as avid divers.

Beautifully designed with Bajau architectural façade, the resort is built over water on stilts made of Belian Wood to enable vacationers to enjoy the scenic view from dusk till dawn. A total of 45 water chalets are available for families and honeymooners to choose from grand deluxe, deluxe chalets, standard chalets to junior chalets.

Another charming all-inclusive resort in Malaysia – Sutera Harbour Resort offers extensive range of facilities from resort, golf to spa and country club. You can enjoy ultimate comfort, luxury and exclusivity in the resort. This premier resort hotel is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Moving on to Terengganu, there are also several resorts located within the state including Berjaya Redang Resort, Ulek Beach Resort and Tanjung Jara Resort. Beautifully designed Berjaya Redang Resort located on this idyllic island of Redang is your perfect choice for an unforgettable weekend getaway. Vacationers can indulge in different activities from visiting mythical sites at Tanjung Telaga Batu to jungle trekking between marked paths at Pasir Panjang and Teluk Dalam.

Enjoy the sight of sunset with your loved ones at Ulek Beach Resort as it faces South China Sea. What makes this resort distinctive from others is its uniquely Malay culture at this fine hotel. Rooms are equipped with beautifully landscaped garden that comes with outdoor sunken Jacuzzi bath.

Located on east coast of Malaysia, Tanjung Jara Resort is unique in its own way. The resort is designed based on Malay concept – Suci murni; that emphasizes on health and well-being.

Pangkor Laut Resort stretched on the entire island is a must-visit resort in Malaysia. This internationally-acclaimed resort was voted as the Best hotel of the year 1997 by Pacific Asia Travel Association UK.

Vacationers can choose from extensive villas available – Spa, Sea, Beach, Hill, Garden as well as Suria and Purnama Suites. The accommodations are individually designed that comes together with excellent services and modern facilities.