Best Melaka Hotels

Melaka Budget accommodations

You can actually choose to stay in a variety of places around Melaka. From the heart of the city center around Dataran Pahlawan to further out in Ayer Keroh, you can find homestays and budget hotels. Rates in these places usually start from as low as RM40 per night depending on facilities and location. Some options come with shared bathrooms and WC. This includes:

  1. The Raymond’s Boutique Traveller’s Home Guesthouse
  2. Asia Heritage Hotel
  3. Laksamana Townlodge
  4. Shahbandar Hotel Melaka
  5. Backpacker’s Freak Hostel – One of the very popular places among foreign tourists here which is very near to Jonker Walk
  6. Chong Hoe Hotel
  7. House Of Kititto
  8. Lavender Guest House
  9. Le Village Guest House
  10. Old Town Guesthouse
  11. Roof Top Guest House Melaka
  12. Voyage Guesthouse
  13. Travellers Planet Hostel
  14. Home Sweet Home in Melaka Raya
  15. Samudra Inn
  16. Shirah’s Guest House
  17. Travellers’ Lodge
  18. Kancil Guesthouse
  19. Palembang Villa

Melaka Mid-priced hotels

This type of hotels provides more facilities and services. Rooms have attached bathrooms and others. Prices for a night here is higher than that of the budget options which would usually start from RM100 per night.

  1. Atlantic Park Hotel
  2. Baba House
  3. Heeren House
  4. Hotel Puri
  5. Wayfarer Guest House
  6. Hatten Hotel – Among the very popular options here which are attached to a shopping mall
  7. Fenix Inn
  8. Hotel Tropicaville Malacca
  9. Sunsui Hotel Melaka
  10. Marvelux Hotel
  11. Hotel Hallmark
  12. The Stable Melaka Guesthouse
  13. Putra Sayang Resort
  14. Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka
  15. Imperial Heritage Hotel

Luxurious hotels in Melaka

As a top tourist destination is home to some of the top resorts and international hotel chains from across the world. These options are a lot more expensive than others where you can be assured of the best services and world-class facilities. They are usually used by business travelers and for those who prefer to stay indoors more as Melaka is a place to really go out and get around. Some come with in-house facilities while others provide you with great facilities within the room you stay in. Prices here would usually be from RM300 and above.

  1. Vintage Eleven
  2. 45 Lekiu Melaka Guesthouse
  3. Hotel Equatorial Melaka
  4. Mahkota Hotel Melaka
  5. Arenaa De Luxe Hotel
  6. Avillion Legacy Hotel
  7. Della Homestay Bandar Melaka
  8. INB Resort
  9. MITC Hotel Melaka

Top Picks

We would strongly recommend staying in Imperial Heritage Hotel not far from Hatten. This is a hotel in which you can find everything you need while it does not cost too much. It is quite a new hotel which means you will like the modernity about it while you are within walking distance to attractions, shopping malls and a lot of good food too.

Historical and Heritage city of Malacca

There will not be a dull moment in Melaka. If there is nothing going on at the shops and night markets, something will definitely be happening along the historical sites and buildings. Otherwise, there will be a carnival planned out throughout the year which you can join or just take a trishaw ride across the rustic and historical structures across town. Among the top attractions here are:

  1. The Baba Nyonya Peranakan Museum
  2. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
  3. Christ Church – Possibly the most iconic church seen around the country
  4. Jonker Street
  5. Masjid Kampung Hulu
  6. Muzium Budaya – Otherwise known as the Sultanate Palace
  7. Porta de Santiago
  8. Saint Paul’s Church
  9. Stadthuys
  10. Bukit China
  11. King’s Well
  12. Portuguese Settlement
  13. St John’s Hill and Fort
  14. Melaka Zoo
  15. Chicken rice balls
  16. Satay celup – A must-try for anyone coming here

Convenient and Main Roads

There are various main roads located in Melaka city. Jonker Street would be one of the best places to go if you like to go around on foot. This is where you will come across places to stay like:

  1. Baba House
  2. Hard Rock Café
  3. and of course, the infamous Chicken Rice Ball

Besides that, there are antique shops and a lot of souvenirs to buy here as well. Another major location around here is Dataran Pahlawan which is a stone’s throw from Jonker Street. Take some time to bask in the historical era of Malacca here. Equatorial Hotel is not far from here while our top pick would be the Imperial Heritage Hotel.