Best Kota Kinabalu Hotels

Kota Kinabalu, by virtue of being the capital of Sabah is the main gateway into the state. Naturally, this is where everyone who wishes to visit the nearby places will jump-off. Hotels here range from the affordable ones to the luxurious ones that include Skypod Hotel as well as the Sutera Harbour Resort.

Budget accommodations in Kota Kinabalu

If you like to get around during the day and spend very little time in your rooms. There are B&Bs available while you can find a lot of budget accommodation around the city center as well. Among them include:

  1. La Viva Hotel – This hotel is located within the Central Business District (CBD) of Kota Kinabalu. It is extremely convenient with rooms starting at RM45 per night
  2. Skypod Hostel – A dormitory style accommodation. You can get a good night’s rest here from RM30 with basic facilities
  3. Fat Rhino Hostel – This place has one of the coolest names around. You can get a comfortable stay here from as low as RM15 a night. Double bunkers and shared toilets available
  4. Akinabalu Youth Hostel – This is a clean and nice place to stay without having to go very far. It is within the CBD in Kota Kinabalu. For a roof over your head, it starts from RM13
  5. Sensi Backpackers Hostel – As the name implies, you get basic facilities here. Shared bathrooms and dormitories for male and female. Price starts at RM!8 per night
  6. Jesselton Cabin – located along Jalan Gaya, this is actually a home-like hostel accommodation. Price is from RM17 per night and you get to share with others on double-bunker beds
  7. Summer Lodge – You get to stay above a shoplot here. It is along Jalan Pasar Baru 2 which is very convenient. You are within reach of banks, shops and eateries
  8. The Bunk Hostel – Among all the many double bunkers, this one tops it all. The design of the beds and rooms are just pretty to look at. Free Wi-Fi and shared toilets from RM25 per night
  9. Good View Lodge – You get to stay here from as low as RM25 per night.

Mid-Range hotels

For something more comfortable and with more privacy, you can choose to stay within the mid-range hotels. There are a lot operating in the city center as well as some near the Kinabalu Park areas too.

  1. Star City Suite – Rooms here start at RM70 per night. If you take the shared bathroom option, the rates are lower. Location is along Jalan Coastal right in the middle of the city
  2. Kinabalu Borneo Hotel – This is a nice place with a peaceful environment within the CBD of Kota Kinabalu. Rooms are around RM70 per night
  3. Hotel Tourist – Rooms here start at RM65 per night. It is along Jalan Pantai and you get attached bathroom and free Wi-Fi
  4. Iskandar Hotel – Located along Jalan Perpaduan, you can get around quite easily from the hotel. Rooms are spacious enough at around RM75 per night
  5. Borneo Tree House – This is a unique place to stay in. Located in Sepanggar, you literally have a tree in the house. Rates are around RM80 per night and you get really good services here


  1. D Villa Rina Ria Lodge – This homestay is a cool place to stay along Jalan Tinonpok. Double bunkers are provided and you are not far from Kinabalu Park. For RM20 per night, it is perfect for backpackers
  2. Suritz Condo – This is a more expensive homestay where you stay in a condo within Inanam not far from the city. A whole unit is about RM300 per night

Top Range hotels

  1. Borneo Vista Suites – Starting from about RM250 per night, you get to enjoy the luxury and convenience here
  2. Sutera Harbour Golf Club – You can choose to stay within any of the 2 wings here. Rooms are available from about RM700 per night

Top Pick

Our top pick to stay in Kota Kinabalu would be the Borneo Tree House. The rates are quite affordable and you get to enjoy nature at its best. Besides that, you are not far away from the city center which makes it all the more ideal for a short trip.