Explore Ipoh: Enjoy good food at any time

Good food, good atmosphere, good price and more good food! You’ll discover good food from every nook and cranny in Ipoh. Since this capital of Perak has a high percentage of Chinese residents, visitors would find abundance of Chinese food available – hawker stalls or even high-end restaurants serving scrumptious and mouth-watery delicacies.

Ipoh Synonymous with food

Ipoh is remembered for good food because one would have noticed the number of day trippers flocking to the city during weekend just to get a taste of delectable delights to tempt their palate.

Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken

The famous Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken is to die for and be there early or else you’ll have to wait to get a table. Ask any locals and most probably they’ll tell you that eating bean sprout chicken for dinner is something you should not miss. For those who have no idea what exactly is bean sprout chicken, here it goes – chicken meat dipped in gravy (usually served with soy sauce and sesame oil) and a plate of crunchy bean sprout.

To maintain the original taste of chicken and ensure that the meat is tender, the meat is cooked in a simple method but would be dipped in cold water thereafter. A bowl of Ipoh Hor Fun (flat noodle) usually goes with bean sprout chicken. The flat noodle in Ipoh tastes different from other states. There are several famous restaurants offering bean sprout chicken such as Lou Wong and Onn Kee along Jalan Raja Muda Aziz. But locals prefer Cowan Street Restaurant along Jalan Raja Ekram as it serves the best bean sprout chicken.

Other popular foods around Ipoh

If you intend to spend a few days in Ipoh just to satisfy your taste bud with an extensive array of good food, remember to wake up early in the morning to dine at Foh San Restaurant for the best dim sum in town. Formerly located along Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar, the restaurant relocated to a new location at Jalan Leong Sin Nam to accommodate the growing number of customers.

Among some of the must try dishes are Char Siew Pau (soft steamed bun with delicious roasted pork filling), Loh Mai Kai (glutinous rice cooked to perfection with chicken, mushroom and Chinese sausage filling), fried dumpling, Siew Mai, Har Gau and turnip cake. Hakka Mee with more than 50 years history located along Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah is yet another local dish you should not miss. The springy noodle served with minced-pork topping and soya sauce is served together with Yeung Tau Foo and fish ball.

And located on the very same street is yet another dish you would die for – Curry Mee. Xin Quan Fang Restaurant or more commonly known as Ma Ta Liu Curry Mee (due to its location nearby the police station) serves the noodle with sides of chicken, pork or char siew that comes together with special dipping sauce. Another of Ipoh’s famous curry noodle is available at Yee Fatt located along Jalan Kampar (opposite Methodist Girls’ School). Besides the tasty dry curry noodle served with secret blend of spices, the restaurant has included new dishes on the menu such as Chee Cheong Fun and Glutinous Rice to offer more options to customers.

White Coffee in Ipoh

Your trip to Ipoh is not complete without heading over to the Old Town for a cup of freshly brewed White Coffee. Well, if you like those ‘3 in 1’ White Coffee packaging available in supermarket, this is even better. This freshly brewed white coffee is roasted with margarine with other added ingredients such as grounded wheat and oat.

If you are craving for a healthier and aromatic white coffee, head over to Sin Yoon Loong, Nam Heong or Sun Yuan Foong (located along Jalan Bandar Timah). Again, be there early to get a table. Hoong Tho Restaurant located few shops away from Nam Heong is famous among locals for quality and great food such as noodle dishes, fried wantan and even pastries (egg tart and traditional biscuits). The crispy fried wantan is served with self-made sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Another must order dish is Sang Har Mee (fried egg noodle with prawns). Served with at least six big freshwater prawns, the braised fried noodle comes together with thick gravy.

A wide variety of other cuisine too

If you are done with Chinese food, here are some recommendations for delicious Western cuisines. First stop, head over to Michelangelo’s Pizzeria for some good pizza. The Baby Back Ribs Pizza with melted mozzarella, caramelized onions and smoked grilled back ribs topping is the one dish you have to try.

And finally, head over to the award-winning Indulgence Restaurant serving wide variety of European cuisines. If you are craving for something sweet, go for Belissa as the fluffy pancake is topped with milk chocolate and honeycomb. Other highly recommended cuisines are Boxed in and Cherry Soufflé. If this is your first trip to Ipoh to try all good food, here’s a little tip for you – wake up early and get to the restaurant first thing in the morning, or else poof! The food is gone.


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