Transportation in Malaysia Holiday Guide

Malaysia is known to have one of best transportation systems in the region although it is still inferior to the likes of Singapore and Japan. One must however be aware that the reputation is gained through its well connected highways that ferry people to and from all the states around the country. Here is where one is able to find many highway concessionaires operating and maintaining the highways that include PLUS, ELITE, KESAS and many others.

Rail Transportation in Malaysia

Malaysia’s rail service is one of the most complete and connects most major cities around the Peninsular Malaysia. There are a few types of rail services in the country which encompasses the heavy rail, light rail and monorail services respectively, each of which services a

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Road Transportation in Malaysia

Where this is concerned, this means that it is naturally very easy if one is heading from one region to another and the situation is slightly different as compared to getting around in the major towns and cities. This is because it is somewhat difficult

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Airports in Malaysia

Air transportation in Malaysia is very vibrant because of the fact that the country is one of the most visited countries globally. Getting in by plane is very easy as there are both international and domestic airports. Types of Airports in Malaysia Generally, there are

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