Perlis Holiday Guide

The state of Perlis is the smallest state in the whole of Malaysia and is located in the most northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. It is one of the entry points into the country from northern neighbours Thailand which is what it is often known for. Here is where one could visit the Gua Kelam, which is a limestone cave that has an old tin mine as well as the Wang Kelian Sunday market famed for selling all types of goods coming in from Thailand. It is usually known for being one of the quietest states among all of the others in the whole country.

Kangar, Perlis (Capital)

The state capital of Perlis is Kangar. It is where express bus services terminate before the entry point into Thailand. If you come here by train, you will alight at Arau which is about 10 minutes drive away from the city center. It is the business center of the state where its name came from Kangkok, a type of hawk. As Kangar is a pretty small town, a lot of places are accessible by foot where you could visit Masjid Alwi while there is a Pasar Malam that takes place every Wednesdays.

Arau, Perlis

Arau is a town in Perlis which is known as the royal capital of the state. This is because of its red-roofed palace here which is designed and built using a fusion of pseudo-Moorish and colonial influence architecture. The Royal Mosque is also housed here where it is one of the landmark of the state which can accommodate more than 1,000 worshippers at any one time. This is where travellers will stop by if they travelling by train and heading towards Langkawi Island, one of the most popular islands in Malaysia and in Kedah.

Padang Besar, Perlis

Padang Besar which literally means ‘Big Field’ is the border town in Perlis which separates Malaysia with Thailand where there is another Padang Besar on the latter’s border. The locals here call the Thailand town ‘Pekan Siam’ and is known to be the place where a lot of Malaysians come to buy ‘imported’ goods from Thailand. To get to Padang Besar from Kangar, you will have to head up north through a half an hour drive depending on the traffic and then you will come to the immigration before heading out to Thailand.

Kangar Perlis

Kangar is the capital of Perlis, the northernmost state in Peninsular Malaysia. The state is the smallest in terms of size and population and is one of the gateways that connect Malaysia with Thailand in the north. Perlis has a rich history and culture which

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Perlis Indera Kayangan

Perlis is the smallest and northernest state in the Peninsular Malaysia. It is the last state from the country before heading out to Southern Thailand. The state houses more than 210,000 in population with Arau as its Royal Seat while the capital is in the

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