Pahang Holiday Guide

The state of Pahang is one of the largest states in Peninsular Malaysia with a land size of 36,137 km2 and a population of nearly 1.5 million people. It is the third largest state in the country after the two east Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. Pahang is located at the center of Peninsular Malaysia which is bordered with other states like Perak to the west, Kelantan to the north, Terengganu to the east as well as Selangor and Negeri Sembilan towards the west as well. Its state capital is Kuantan with other major towns here that include Pekan which is the royal seat and the constituency represented by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The state has 11 administrative regions namely Pekan, Bentong, Bera, Jerantut, Temerloh, Rompin, Raub, Maran, Kuala Lipis, Cameron Highlands and Kuantan.

Kuantan, Pahang

The state capital of Pahang is Kuantan which has a total area of 2,960 km2. Its 2009 record of population is just slightly more than half a million. Kuantan town is located around the Kuantan River mouth which heads out to the South China Sea. Kuantan is the ninth largest city in the whole country where it is the transportation hub towards other smaller cities and towns to the state. It connects to Teluk Cempedak which is towards the northern part of the state.

Pekan, Pahang

Pekan town is one of the major towns in the state of Pahang. It is the home constituency of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who is the current prime minister of Malaysia. With an estimated population of about 150,000 people in the land size covering 3,805 km², it is situated about 50 kilometers towards the southern part of Kuantan. Pekan is also one of the eleven administrative districts of the state. The location of Pekan is towards the eastern region of the state with Tasik Chini and Tasik Bera located towards its west, Rompin towards the south and Kuantan towards the north.

Rompin, Pahang

Rompin is one of the major towns in Pahang. It has a land size of 4,044.24 km² and a population of about 110,000 people. Due to its geographical location which is nearby the coast, its main produce have been through the fishery sector. This small fishing village has been known for its fishing industry within the Rompin district. The Rompin River is one of its trademark that streams through the town while the widely popular Endau Rompin National Park is also housed here with Kuala Gandah towards its north. The famed Pulau Tioman is located towards the eastern coast here.

Temerloh, Pahang

Located around the central part of Pahang state, the town of Temerloh is one of the major towns of the state. It has a land size of 2251 km² and can be reached through the trunk road from Kuala Lumpur in a 130 km drive. It is the second largest town in the state and is located around the meeting point of the Semantan and Pahang rivers respectively. The town has an estimated population of slightly more than 150,000 people where it is also the administrative center for the surrounding towns here like Lanchang, Kuala Krau, Mentakab and Kerdau. Towards the east is Maran while Bentong is on the opposite side while the southern part of this town is Bera and Jerantut is at the north.

Maran, Pahang

Maran is one of the towns in Pahang. While a lot of other towns are involved in various types of industries, Maran is known more for being a sleepy town as its main activities here involve plantations in palm oil. It is also one of the most natural towns around as it is engulfed within isolated forests and trees. it is one of the smallest towns here which is situated between Temerloh and the state capital of Pahang, Kuantan. It borders with Bera towards the southern part of the town.

Bera, Pahang

Bera town is one of the 11 administrative centers of Pahang with a land size of 2228 km². In 2008, its population is recorded at 88,800. This region was established in 1992 which was originally part of Temerloh and is known for its agricultural produce. Lake Bera is located around this region which is where the town got its name from. The town is bordered at the north with Temerloh and Maran, Jempol which is part of Negeri Sembilan towards the south-west, Bentong to the west and Rompin to the east.

Bentong, Pahang

Bentong is one of the towns in Pahang with a land size of 1831 km². With a population of slightly more than 100,000, it is located very near to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur which is about 80km towards the northeast. Bentong is easily accessible by road as it is bordered with Selangor towards the west while on the southern part one can get to Negeri Sembilan. The town is located from Kuala Lumpur en route to other parts of Pahang, namely Kuantan while it also connects to other parts like Kuala Lipis and Raub. There are 3 subdistricts in Bentong namely, Bentong, Sabai and Pelangai.

Raub , Pahang

The town of Raub has a land size of 2269 km² and a recorded population of approximately 100,000 people. It is located 265km from Kuantan the capital of Pahang and 110km from Kuala Lumpur. Located on the western region of Pahang, it is one of the oldest towns in the state. Raub has 7 subdistricts namely Tras, Ulu dong, Gali, Sega, Dong, Semantan Ulu and Batu Talam with Dong being smallest among them. Raub is located strategically where resorts town Fraser’s Hill is located towards its west and Genting Highlands towards the south. Cameron Highlands is towards the north of Raub while towards the east is Kota Gelang.

Jerantut, Pahang

The town of Jerantut is one of the main towns in Pahang with a total land size of 7561 km². It has a population of slightly more than 100,000 and is located about 200km from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Located at the north of Pahang, this is also where one would go to head out to the Taman Negara National Park. It borders with the states of Kelantan and Terengganu towards the north while towards the west is Lipis and Raub while Kuantan is bordered on the east. The southern parts of Jerantut is Temerloh and Maran.

Lipis, Pahang

The town of Lipis is a district within the state of Pahang and is located around the north-west part of the state. It has a land size of 5,198 km² and an estimated population of around 90,000. The town has 10 subdistricts and was the former capital of the state during the British colonisation. It is bordered with Jerantut towards the east, Raub towards the south, the state of Kelantan towards the north and towards the west is Cameron Highlands as well as the state of Perak. Apart from that, it is also one of the few entry points into the Taman Negara Nationoal Park as well as into Gunung Tahan, the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Cameron Highlands has a total land size of 712 km² where its north borders with the state of Kelantan while Perak is towards the west. Located about 85 kilometers to Ipoh, the state capital of Perak it is also 200 kilomters from Kuala Lumpur. As Cameron Highlands is naturally a highland town it has a cooler climate as compared to other towns. Cameron Highlands is one of the 11 administrative centers in the state where it has 3 townships namely Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Ringlet is located about 12 km from Tanah Rata and is the first town after coming in from the expressway. From Tanah Rata, Brinchang is 4 km away which is the biggest town here.

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