Malacca Holiday Guide

Jonker Street, Malacca

Anyone visiting Malacca will surely come to know Jonker Street. This is known as a must-see for all tourists and visitors who come to the historical city where it is vibrant with activities throughout the day, most notably during the night when the night market comes alive. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, Jonker Street is the best place to go where you have all the best of Malacca on sale here almost every other day.

It is also known as the Melaka Chinatown where it offers you food, souvenirs, art, crafts, hotels and most notably antiques. Located here are numerous pre-war buildings which is known to be one of the oldest in the country. Typically, Jonker Street is a place where you can get to know the unique culture and traditions of Malaysia’s history all coming together in one place.

One of the most distinctive items you will find here are antiques. This is where its former persona of being the Antique Street of Malacca comes into place. Imagine buying antiques in the most historical city of Malaysia. You will find that there are antique shops with very interesting items for sale at almost every shop here. This could range from statutes to memorabilia, old posters, emblems and anything else you can imagine. It is believed that if the item is old, it can be found here, hence Jonker Street is one of the most visited places particularly among antique hunters.

Jonker Street is very strategically located within the heart of the city where it is within walking distance from the A’Famosa fort. From here, you can also find local cuisine like the very popular Chicken Rice Ball that attracts lines of customers, particularly during rush hours. Apart from that, you can also try out the local cendol made using the infamous gula Melaka.

For those who want to shop at the night market, you will find that Jonker Walk is lighted up and is filled with a celebratory mood every night. Here is where the streets are closed and sellers would set up their stalls here, offering all types of products and services that include modern stuff like souvenirs, bags and such while the ‘old’ stuff like crafts and arts too are displayed for sale here.

Malacca Holiday Guide

Malacca is known as the historical state of Malaysia as it is where the Malacca Sultanate began and thereby officially starting the origin of Malaysia. It is one of the smaller states in the country where its capital is Malacca city. Malacca, many have heard

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