Tips for Foreigners Travelling to Malaysia

Malaysia is a renowned multicultural country with a diverse population in the eyes of the world. You’ll gain more than just experience and memories with every visit to Malaysia as travelers learn a lot about local culture and celebrations among the different races and religions – Malay, Chinese, Indian and many other ethnic groups in […]

Why people prefer Malaysia Airlines instead of Air Asia

Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia? We have the answer If you have flown to a destination either for business or leisure, you will know that flying is no fun especially when there are so many procedures and processes to go through. To make matters worse, certain airlines make it so much more difficult for you […]

Top 6 mistakes people make going on vacation

Travelling can be very fun if you make all the necessary arrangements and adjustments before you leave. Otherwise, you will find yourself worrying about home and work even when you are in the highlands of Kota Kinabalu or the deep sea waters of Sipadan. So to avoid having your vacation spoilt, take note of some […]

Travelling with kids in the airport

Travelling can be quite a challenge especially when you have kids with you. The more children you have, the harder it is because when you are at the airport, chances are they will be so overwhelmed by the gigantic machines flying about that you might lose track of them and have to start hunting for […]

Bird Watching in Malaysia

Hundreds of bird species await you in Malaysia’s tropical climate all-year round. You’ll get a chance to see the birds flying in the open space without boundaries. The moss covered mountain ranges in Peninsular has more than 600 rare bird species while Borneo consists of over 580 species. Hence, a number of foreigners aka bird […]

Flight Survival Tips

Perhaps, in a few days time, you will board the plane and fly off to your preferred destination. You may have talk to a traveling agency and book tours even before you arrive at your holiday destination. Flying can be quite challenging However, before you start your unforgettable journey in other countries, take note on […]

Malaysia’s Top family travel and leisure destinations

Malaysia, a renowned tropical vacation in the world, is a perfect destination for you to plan educational holidays with your family. Here are some suggestions for those who enjoy nature, landscapes and various rainforest attractions. Kuala Selangor Fire Flies Tour One of the most interesting places to visit around Kuala Lumpur is to go towards […]

Traveling with kids on long journeys

It is true that a child changes everything. Traveling with your kids around will never be the same again. In fact, it can be tricky to keep your child quiet particularly when you are embarking on a long journey. Hence, remember to keep a wide array of toys in the car to ensure that your […]