Christmas Day

Christmas Day is held on the 25th of November every year across the world. It is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a commemorative and symbolic date as the actual birth date is still unknown. Most significant date for Christians Christians, including Catholics commemorate Christmas day in large scales across the world. […]


Deepavali is one of the several festivals observed in large scale across Malaysia by the Indian community. It is considered as one of the most sacred events of the Tamil calendar. Significant date for Indians Like other parts of the world, Deepavali is a significant date for the Indians in Malaysia. Originally, it is known […]

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Muslims across the world observe their new year through Hari Raya. In Malaysia, it is known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Aidilfitri end of Ramadan Muslims observe a month of fasting during the month of Ramadan. After that, they celebrate the Festival of Breaking Fast. This is known as the Eid Al-fitr which is known as […]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the most significant yearly celebrations observed by the Chinese community worldwide. In Malaysia, the Chinese community observes this festival known as the Lunar New Year. Most important celebration for Chinese Following the Lunar Calendar based on the 12 zodiac signs, Chines New Year usually comes around in the beginning […]

Kapas Island Comprehensive Guide

Kapas Island or fondly known as Pulau Kapas is a resort island located off the coast of Marang town of Terengganu in Peninsular Malaysia. Kapas is the Malay word for cotton and this does not mean that you can find a lot of cotton here. Kapas was used to reflect the white, sandy beaches of […]

Tioman Island Online

Tioman Island is not known to be one of the most ‘beautiful islands in the world’ for no reason. If you are looking for beauty and tranquillity, you can guarantee to find it here. This is where there will be white, sandy beaches, super, clear waters and some of the best resorts you can find […]

Guide to tipping in restaurants

Tipping has often been a tough decision to make in our daily lives. Believe it or not, people actually remembers if you are a good or bad tipper which is why you sometimes get really bad services at certain restaurants despite having patronage those places for years. So how should you tip? Or better still, […]

Malaysia’s Unique Attractions

Malaysia’s Unique Attractions

In Malaysia, there are several options that you can choose from when travelling. In fact, you might just enjoy the most complete set of attractions in any country for that matter. Something of everything for everyone in Malaysia This is because Malaysia has a broad range of choices for almost anyone. There is perhaps only […]

Malaysia – A Shopping Haven

Malaysia has plenty to lure the world traveler. The country is brimming with natural beauty, friendly people, unique cultures, unforgettable food, arresting architecture and perfect, sunny beaches. But there’s one more aspect that has proved absolutely irresistible for visitors to this country – SHOPPING! Shopping paradise of Asia Shopping in Malaysia has been elevated to […]

Explore Ipoh: Enjoy good food at any time

Good food, good atmosphere, good price and more good food! You’ll discover good food from every nook and cranny in Ipoh. Since this capital of Perak has a high percentage of Chinese residents, visitors would find abundance of Chinese food available – hawker stalls or even high-end restaurants serving scrumptious and mouth-watery delicacies. Ipoh Synonymous […]