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Hotels & Homestay in Georgetown Penang

Georgetown is the state capital of Penang and is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the country. There is a wide variety of accommodation choices ranging from upscale hotels and resorts to budget hotels and homestays. Annie’s Homestay is one place one can head out

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Rail Transportation in Malaysia

Malaysia’s rail service is one of the most complete and connects most major cities around the Peninsular Malaysia. There are a few types of rail services in the country which encompasses the heavy rail, light rail and monorail services respectively, each of which services a

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Road Transportation in Malaysia

Where this is concerned, this means that it is naturally very easy if one is heading from one region to another and the situation is slightly different as compared to getting around in the major towns and cities. This is because it is somewhat difficult

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Malaysia Holidays 2019

Malaysians enjoy many public holidays each year. The school term starts in January and ends around mid-November with 4 breaks in between. Meanwhile, certain states observe more holidays as compared to others depending on their demographic and other factors. Federal Holidays Each year, Malaysia experiences

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Malaysia Holidays 2018

Holidays in Malaysia can be categorized either they are federal or state holidays. Federal holidays are applicable to the entire country, with certain exceptions. State holidays are only applicable to the specific state and not any other places in Malaysia. Working Sundays Certain states in

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Miri – Location Facts

Miri is one of the major cities in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak. Besides Kuching, which is the capital of the state, Miri plays an important role as the major economic and tourism location here. Known as the ‘Oil City’, it is where the

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Other Holidays in Malaysia

Besides the national and state holidays observed throughout the country, Malaysians too have other days that they celebrate throughout the year. These days are not public holidays but are significant as they are commemorated to remember the seniors and other benefactors. Father’s Day Father’s Day

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Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated across the world. It is observed by people of the Tamil community both within and outside Malaysia besides Deepavali. Significant date of the Tamil calendar Thaipusam, which is known as Thaipoosam usually comes during the months of January or

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National Day and Malaysia Day

Malaysia has a unique celebration of Independence. On the 31st of August each year, the country observes the National Day, otherwise known as Merdeka or Independence Day. A fortnight later on September 16th, the country observes Malaysia Day which is the date when East Malaysian

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